Sunday, May 25, 2008

Christine-made pizza

I am making pizza!! happy!!!!I make myself without my mom's help o!! she just take pictures...
1. Pizza bread (can be bought in supermarkets/ Ng siang hup)
2. Pregio sauce
3. Hot dog(blackpepper)
/minced meat
4. mozarella cheese
5. butter mushroom
6. onion
7. and a sprinkle of BASIL

1. Cut all the ingredients.

2. SPread the Pregio sauce onto the pizza bread.

3. put the ingredients onto the pizza. Hotdog, buttermushroom, cheese slice

4. Sprinkle some basil ontop

5. put into the oven. 220'C for 10-12 minutes. Taddaaaa!!!!!!
Crunchy crust with cheese...
a meal i prepared all by myself. mushroom soup, pizza and mash potato!!!

p/s:taste lots of better than pizza hut and hell lots more faster than their snail service...hahaha!!!!!

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