Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dog Show by EaglePack

I went to the Dog Show at Bulatan Park today!! So excited since i am so interested at dogs even after my zhuzhu went missing in action.
Scooby!!! most voted online photogenic dog..(solarized effect)
baby cute with their clothes and necklace
st pete's burgh
Obedient Dog Competition. Most of it are German SHepherds
Forgot the so cute its tounge

puppy. looks like a doll.
doggies in love silky golden retriever
a rott weiler puppy
dont know the name. a type of sports dog

It was very nice. With lots more kinds of dog. I was there for 15 minutes only. :D Hope my boyboy and toto can join this competition next time. lol. Seems quite impossible for that 2 dumb dumb and crazy dog..


Gaming Zombie said...

You were there?I was there until it ended.Weird, that I didn't see you.Saw cikgu Nora lol.

You took a pic of my pa!He's right there on the stage...the guy wearing grey shirt next to that fat guy...

Oh ya, that english bulldog's name is Bozzo.

LingDi said...

gaming zombie,
yes she was there with cikgu nora too.. hahahahah!

btw christine, the dog that's involved in a sports is like a racing sports. i also forgot the name. start for P i think. next time is boyboy's turn!