Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I met Angkasawan Negara!!!

Hahaha...I really do. I am not joking for real.

HE CAME TO MIRI!!! Our very own astronaut/space passenger. Dr.Syeikh Muszapha Shukor.
He came to give us this Motivation Program. Not being racist, but there is a lot of Malay there and only a little tiny bit of chinese, ahha, obviously, he is the HERO of the anak melayu. haha!!!
He told us about everything he has experienced, from joining the competition, training, going up, in the ISS and coming back. It was very interesting indeed. With all the funny photos he had taken. He even showed us the funny potty where it suck your sh*t/faeces and your pees into the tank..hahahaha!!!!

He played gasing up there, eat space food, do experiments blah blah blah. it looks very fun. Too bad he didnt do Teh Tarik (as i said before, click here). I was so excited about the teh tarik before..lol...He said doing experiments about cancer cells up there are better because the cells will not be affected by gravity. Good eh?

The other 2 astronauts he went up with are real astronauts which went up there to live for 6 months. The caption of the rocket is a WOMAN!!! How interesting. A woman beaten 2 big tall grown man. ahahahahahah. For the rocket he came back with, i think the captain is also a woman if i am not mistaken. GIRLS ROCK!!!!
After the talk, there is a signature session. It was rather scary..even more scary than the market which people "snatch" vegetables, eggs around... I bought his book for RM20 because THERE ARE A LOT OF PHOTOS IN IT! coloured...lol...

nah.............hahahahahahaha. Maggapau Bintang. No idea what it means cause i thought it is mencapai bintang...hahaha!!!!
His signature. He is a plastic surgeon, a part-time model, a kopitiam tauke and an astronaut. Not bad eh??


JenKin Yat said...

well..to be precise, he's not an Angkasawan aka astronaut..he's just a space tourist..

Christine said...

told u....SPACE PASSENGER...

LingDi said...

Orthopaedic surgeon eh? Not plastic surgeon.
Btw, he's my friend's friend. Haha..
My sis and I almost went yesterday but, didn't go coz' too lazy. ;)