Friday, May 16, 2008

Introducing Professional Shampoo!

Dry and frizzy hard? Flat head?

Introducing this very very nice shampoo...apart from the damn expensive Head And Shoulder!

used by professionals

comes in many types! For volume, mosturising and lots lots more...

First, i tried the Deep-cleansing (green) one. I wasnt reading the instructions at the back. my hair become whole "inflated" and stuck up the next those "kiu-mo" and i looked like i have big head. Then i go read the instruction, for "VOLUMING" omg..that's why la..haha! This proves it is effective! then i tried the salon silk one(aqua). It was quite effective too. Even thought my hair didnt really turn in a whole bunch of silk was something alike too..WASEH!!!!
Syok..haha. I can go do those hair shampoo adverts now. It must be great! Swinging your hair left and right and then your hair will go bling, and the next thing is people coming around...smelling ur hair, admiring you for your hair!!! SNAP! back to reality. But Tresmme really does work. :D

A must-try shampoo of the year!!! (I am so gonna stuck on this shampoo for a long time)

Its price is still considerable. You can find it at Watsons, Guardian and most of the supermarkets around.


By the way, i bought some PETROLEUM JELLY!!! so now i can smooooooccchhhhh petroleum jelly all over..might even consider eating some next time..ahaha


LingDi said...

My sis bought that shampoo too. I tried using it lately but my hair ended up to be really rough and frizzy! Mm.. I guess they didn't include conditioner in there. But, it is a good shampoo.. No doubts. :)

Christine said...

Try the new smooth one maybe??