Saturday, May 24, 2008

MarinaBay 1x5

Pretty right?
I dont have to go whatsoever pretty island for relaxation now. Although it wasnt much of fun and excitement, it is the best spot you can take pictures in Miri.
Marina Bay of Miri is now open!!!!! SO NICE!!!

Great sunset. Romantic Couple. (not me!)

nice nice nice nice nice nicenice le the background.

If you are about something else, he is my cousin. thank you.

this is Ulumulu restaurant. Its theme is something like tradisional Bali. It looks really grant and nice...

Woohoo..soooo pretty and luxury looking...
let's go check out the aquarium..

erm...apa nama tu...

Enough goofing around the aquarium.Let's go to the main part of the restaurant...

the entrance is already this great you see
most of its walls are carved like this. No wonder it took so much time to complete this huge building. The carvings are so delicate and so complicated.
lol...on the second floor corridoor......
the roof is tradisional atap
Oh. now let me explain why my blog title today is so weird. What is 1x5 huh?? That's the price. I looked at the menu. The prices are 5 times more expensive than normal food price. like this glass of sprite. It cost RM5. :D!!!!

fishy on the dish now...
I got so bored after the meal..snap my cup of chinese
ground floor...
my magic. nothing supporting the cup. it can stand like that on its own. NICE LE!!!! MAGIC!!!!!
(Warning: do not try this at home)

After that, i have a peek at the kitchen. The chefs looked very professional indeed and of course, too busy to pose for the photo...LOL!!!
This is a nice place to take photo, but for having a normal dinner?
ehem...need to consider...

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