Saturday, May 24, 2008

Miri International Jazz Festival (Part 1)

This is something that happened about 2 or 3 weeks my exams..
9-10 May MIRI INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL...the most "hot" event of the year!! YIPPEE!!!

And i managed to get a ticket for only RM30 which normally cost RM60 and last year i think RM100++??? haha..Quite worth it.
yee ling, sharon, a friend which i forgot her name(so sorry) and me
It was held at Park City Everly..mainly sponsored by Celcom. IT WAS SO SO SO SO SO HUGE!!! Everything at the beach side at night..and also in the pavillion. I mean it was so special. Everything on the sand with lots of food stalls and stages and light and pretty girls..which sorry la, i am not interested...

the MC. A DJ from radio station..he was cool :D

Finally after waiting for like half and hour...everyone gather in the pavillion and the party started!!MAD CROWDS...

The England Band

Well, as you can expect, all of it are jazz type of musics. It was so fantastic! I never knew Jazz could be so nice...

American Band's HYPER guitarist

Pretty girl from the Holland Brassband

I love the Holland's brassband. Although they are not the main performers of tonight's event, but they rock the whole night...They are very warm and happy and silly and great and....

weird guy with washing board as his instrument
the holland band!!
people wont stop dancing

Then suddenly the crowd started a choo-choo train dance..I got pulled in. It was so akward. This ang mo middle-aged lady suddenly run towards me while i was snapping photos around and pulled me in. I have to go round and round with them. SO FUNNY!!!! but a great chance though..

We went back inside the pavillion after the break.

me, sharon and alyssa

yeeling the monkeyman looked so sweet in this!!!!

That ends part 1! The night is still young. This is till 9.00pm until. Still got a few more hours to go...


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