Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yes. I post very little.

I realise it from chee. A friend's friend from Kuching. Lol..Thanks for reminding me.
I dont like searching for reasons about why i post very little nowadays...(If you think this is little), but still being a kiasu kiasu person, i still want to find a reason for it.

Ok. No.1 I am nerd.
I guess that explains all. I am a very kiasu nerd and i said before in one of my post that i am the president of Kiasu Nerd Association. Studying for 24 hours a day shouldnt be a problem. But hey, i am a high-tech nerd here!! So, blogging is one of my business too. I love to blog but you cant do what you like everyday. Like if you love to eat ABALONE or SHARK FINN, you cant eat it everyday cause you dont have money(shut up if you have! i dont care). Or if you like to eat ICE CREAM, can try to eat everyday but careful for the diabetes...hahhaha...So, blogging is my business during my leisure time, since i dont have much leisure time, less blogging lo.............

No.2 It's not holiday
Come on, last time when you see i am blogging like 7 posts a day, that is when i have my holiday after PMR....I am form 4 now!!!! So so busy....Not much stuff to blog either. I cant just go online and tell you what i do everyday. That will so bloody hell boring...Imagine if i do this every single day: Today i wake up, i go to the toilet and pee 3 times and da bian 1 times, thank god i didnt lao sai today, i have ca kue tiao for my lunch and i go eat McD for my dinner, i finish studying sejarah textbook for 50 pages and i go to sleep at 10pm, byebye.... Fine, that's not true!

No.4 My blog is not EMO ORIENTATED blog
yuck. I hate emo people. I dont go and say, omg...i am so sad because of him/her, i am going to kill myself later. or OMG, HE/SHE smiled at me today!!!!!!!!!! *puke* no thanks, christine is not that kind of emonian. Even if i am, i am not going to abuse my blog this way. Making sure my blog remains its quality!

No.3 I sleep like pig.
Yes, i sleep for 10 hours a day now. Where's the time to blog?

FINE. i dont want to give myself reasons anymore. Oh ya, I HAVE BIG SATELITES...people are normally scared of being related to me cause i can get the latest GOSSIP anyhow...muahahahahahahahaha...busybody here.
Oh ya, what kind of posts you guys like ha?
Photos or words?

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Bevee said...

I saw my name on her blog too :(
Oww baby christine, come to mommy! Hugg / shy :*