Monday, June 30, 2008


Don't laugh. No, laugh. LOL LO!!!!
On the Parents' teachers' day last Saturday in the school, my teacher had no comments on my studies. But the only thing she said is, you are very childish la.

That hit me hard.
I admit. I am childish. But that depends, if i am ACTING childish or i am really childish. The truth is, most of the time, i am acting one. I just feel like we shouldn't be That serious, i mean like strict looking and fierce and all that. It that necessary? Take it easy. But when i am working, professionalism is my motto. :)

p/s: MONKEYMAN! you are more childish ho. hahaha

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sarawak Choral Speaking champion team.haha

Friday, June 27, 2008

Underage dentist in poliklinik - me

I Became A DENTIST TODAY!!! was hari kerjaya bidang pergigian. In Poliklinik.
for real.

I wore doctor's mask and gloves. Even though it was too big.
because there was no S size. I joined a group of 4 with my partner, a malay girl from smk agama. She is so sweet. And the dentist is not bad looking too. HAHAHA...

I drilled the rotten tooth and do fillings. With proper instruments.
I chosed a tooth with coffee stain. Drilled it with a diamond cotted drilling instrument. It was so cool!!! You can actually play around the dentist's instruments. Which normally we are not allowed to touch.

I saw the dentist make mould and make teeth modal. with Alginate.
Our group member let us play with his teeth. He's got good teeth you know. So straight and nice. but big mouth!!

I went into the sterilizing room and saw the Biosonic machine.
This room is super clean and dangerous. it cleans the used instruments so you might got infected easily here. If you are sick, you can't go into this room. the machine costed RM18,000. omg...

I learn about how to make false teeth, ears, noses and other body parts. I also learn much about orthodontic.
This guy was so fond of my braces. He kept on looking at my braces and talked lots about it. Many other dentists asked about it too. We played with the fake body parts. The boys kept on sticking the ears and noses on their cheeks and they say they want to go to parkson to flirt with girls with it. ehem..ehem..

I went into the x-ray room and learn how to take x-ray films.
It was super radioactive. Although it wasnt as high tech as my dentist's x-ray machine but it was cheap!! and the x-ray people are very sweet too. I saw a plumbum shirt.

I learn how to detect plague on teeth. Your teeth will turn very red if you chew the chemical and u have plague on ur teeth.
Another girl in my group volunteered and got totally embarassed. Her teeth turned all red and yucky. This means her teeth got plague, which we called "tahi gigi" (teeth sh*t).

I wrote an essay about promoting teeth care.
My essay was too long. Cause i wrote until so high and forgot the number of words we should write.

I got certificate for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
such an honour. Cert given by the Jabatan Kesihatan.



i forgot to bring my camera. @#$%^&*!!!!!!!!
it was so interesting ok!!!???

So now, i knew hell lots more about dentistry. Another future goal? Maybe, but after my neurologist - the brainy doctor.

p/s: I will tried my very best to post up the 100++ photo of choral speaking.

My Comic!

This is the first comic i ever drawn PROPERLY by proud of it..:D (can click to enlarge it...)

Thursday, June 26, 2008


We won the champion!!! buahahahahaha...
It was a tough competition. Many of us (EXCLUDE ME) were very very down before the results was announce. While i kept on asking them not to talk negatively. Then we won, unexpectedly! omg....
Then, when we are hugging crying jumping of joy, something stike it into nothing. We are not going to the national level, WE ARE NOT GOING TO SEMENANJUNG (actually it was terengganu) because there is no national competition. blah...whatever la, at least we came back with something.

Today, my life as a probation prefect starts. It went quite good, with rui ting as my senior. It wasnt anything unusual la since i had been crazying around in this field since 2 years ago. Except the duty part. We have to take down the names of the offenders. Well, no comments on that first. Cause it is only the first day. Not too bad la.
I am in the reception department. I wonder how izit in the disciplinary department...??
I hope they look more strict and smart instead of solemn at the gate in the morning. :)
I HAVE SO MANY HOMEWORK aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, miss 4 days of class only...haha..better start now.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Currently in Sibu

As you are reading this, i am currently practising really hard in little floody Sibu for the choral speaking competition!!!!
I might be idea what to do either...
We came here by bus on Monday morning.
No laptop nor computer cant blog.
Well. Tomorrow is the competition day already. We had our rehersal this afternoon. It was still ok i guess. I hope everything will run smooth.

Please, pray for us (even if u hate us). Thank you so much.

We will be back by tomorrow night. See you guys on Thursday in school!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Random photos...haha

Chew on this first!! Random photos i took when i was so bored and had nothing to do...
MILK!!! haha. I finished the whole thing in just 4 or 5 days
Erm...looking out the window...haha
Acting cool lo... and finally



DONT JUDGE ME! and i am not joining a beauty pagent ok...!? :D

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Drama Competition 2008

I am so lucky..I GET TO WATCH THE DRAMA COMPETITION!!! haha...not much people have the chance to watch this. Yes, THE MOST EXCITING COMPETITION OF THE YEAR! with many things.

I went there to work as reception la..haha. many of the dramas have very very lame storyline..some doesnt even mean anything. But i still enjoy it. :D Here are a few scenes of it:
This is about a girl turning from bad to good. It was this group's that is interesting. They actually painted the whole thing. bloody attracting.
the same drama.
This one is Cinderella. They won the third prize. It was really a lame lame lame story. Haha, But it was entertaining and they have great costumes. The purple dress is her ugly stepsister and cinderella is the one sweeping the floor.
When cinderella tries the shoe,
Grand Duke: Oh, it fits!! You are cinderella!
Cinderella: Yes, i am then.
Then she took another side of the shoe and throw it on the floor.
Cinderella: Here's another pair of it.
...=.=" funny. She just took it out and throw on the floor.

Yucky scenes.
Another team. Violence la...kill people one...

PANCUNG KEPALA!!!!!!!!!! (chop head)

Next, behold! My school's TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "The Forbidden Retirement"This is about a great general who wants to retire but childish emperor wouldnt let him. The he uses force to make him not to retire but then he saw his deceased mom and then the emperor changed his attitude. then he became very good.
haha...kimberly amu..
us..junior receptionists....we saw some cute boys and all face turn red. NO LAAAAAAAAAA...omg....we ate bloody hot nasi lemak...
with siaw jiun and choon yen... :D

the drama team!! part of it...
dont ask me what is that. i have no idea what we are doing.
the VIPs' tehcino!!!!
AND WE WON!!! the proud moment. we are the CHAMPION!!! and charlene got best actor and script writer too..haha...
before i went back home, i saw a cute car.
mini!!!! with a sarawak car plate. cooolll....

Friday, June 20, 2008

Shao Nian Zi Ye!!!!!!!!! Church Youth Night!

The Mei Ann Church's Shao Nian Zi Ye is finally done! (last week to be exact) haha...i was so @#$%^ busy that's why it was delayed by a week... :P
Our pretty backdrop...they used lots of time to finish this.
Our puurrrffeecccttt APEK!!! COTTON CANDY!!!!!!!!! no la..wei hong la..hahahahahha
Angel and woman of demon!!!
ermm....ehem....jocelyn girl who smokes with exploded hair??
ME!!! i played with the wings..ahhahaha it is a high quality wing o!!
the boys...

HAHAHAHA!!! Shuai le!!! our dancer...
make up..dressing up!! so so messy!
The hall - our stage for the night!

guo san

acting cool la!
These are some of the scenes of the movie:
the guy in the middle walking up the stairs is wen cai our main character who acts as AH MING who loves to help people..
but then he was tempted by the devil who are so dead terrifying and became very bad.

He fight with a man and then fainted. He was dragged into the hell. There, he found his best friend, whom he didnt spread the Gospel to. When he wake up, he felt very sorry for himself and then he turn good again. Haha!

What part do i have in? haha....calefe SINGER!!!!! lol

We sang after that. It was so relaxing and happy. This is definitely the most memorable time. Didnt take the photo of it la, why? CAUSE I AM ALSO SINGING ON STAGE LA!!!

And finally, our main character tonight!!!

the LORD!!!!!!!!
What are you guys still waiting?
Join our Church Youth now and PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!
p/s: I was so surprised and happy to see so many people from many churches.. :D

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I have fixed routines since the last week for every day. everyday come home at 4.30pm. watch tv. sleep. eat. do homework. sleep. It wasn't overtiring anyway so i dont mind. :D the choral speaking team is going to Sibu next week. Everyone was worried about our performance.
My advice?
try hard but dont think too much about the result, enjoy the process then you will not be dissapointed no matter what the result is.

I am skipping classes more often now. A bit worried lo. Next week skip whole week again. Aduh...UB3 is coming some more..........aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...tell me how!!?? haha. no choice la. you cant tell me how, cause there is no way out.

I got lots of photos and posts to be put up but dont have the time yet (Drama competition and shao nian zhi ye). Wait lo!!! haah...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Today's lesson?

Never try too hard. People wil think you are ke kiang.

ke kiang Hokkien adj smart alec. Act smart.

Me, myself and I ON THE GO!!!

Go online to Me, myself and I now!!! it's much more cuter looing on ur phone...LOL!!!

and much more expensive too... :P
stick to the computer screen...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

cooking pasta!

Woohooo..i love pasta....

I can cook pasta better than normal dishes..haha. Not too bad looking, smells nice, can eat liao la...

but actually...











this is instant pasta. just boil it with its ingredient. LOL!!!

Lagging me...

I am so lagging...
I have been blogging for 9 months plus yet i just found out..

blogger have this scheduling function..
this means i can write the post now but it will only be automatically posted out by the date i have scheduled. So this means some of the post i wrote is not posted live but later. The post u saw i just posted is a post i wrote few days ago..hahahahaha!!! so nice....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The craziest teachers' day...

This is the maddest and craziest teachers' day i ever had..(no, we didnt play cake) Instead of the teachers are having fun (well, they do), we students are bunch of mad monkeys ourselves too..;D
I help out at the receptions as usual. And we have this weird purple ribbon thing on our's was so funny, yet, a symbolic ribbon which choon yen called for the reception department. It was indeed very very funny and Cikgu Amir took some photos of it..haha...I didnt took any photo cause i didnt bring my camera..hmph..should have bring my handphone! haha..

Our Mr and Mrs Presiden has different style for this celebration already. Normally, Mrs Presiden will "dig" the cake and feed her husband but this year, she feed almost everyone on the stage, even our principal! was so funny. Fiona and I were so akward when we stand beside them. =.=" hope it comes out in the newspaper lol!!! cause it really makes out a good headline...

the cake...(photo from

some free towels given to the teachers..haha!!!

After the assembly, we took the cake that Mrs.Presiden "dig into" to the staffs' room. Lol, naughty us keep on stealingthe fruits and chocolates on the cake. (What la, i was hungry bah...) The teachers tok our their personal container and LAPPPPP another of cakes home too.

My class didnt held party this year. FIRST YEAR AA dont have party cause we dont have money and we are very very bad ho, dont even want to chia the teachers makan even Puan Lau say we are very proud lo, dont want to have party lo, HAHAHAHAHA...We ran to 4S4 to "combine" with their party (actually we just went there to eat their food...haha). They prepared lots of foods but it was too much so i help them to clean up. :D didnt eat much either, only eat Alyssa's chocolate mashmallows.

The entertainment? Me and monkeyman playing kiddo games and alyssan them singing. Hope the teachers enjoyed. Then ho...some crazy monkeys run to our form 4 class there ho...and SPREAD GLITER POWDERS ALL OVER US...omg, i looked so terrible....but it was fun. LOL!!!!

Quickly ran away from the Form 4 block. I went to 4S1. It was so quiet there. They are all watching Ah Long Pte. Ltd. Guess many of them never watch it before. The teachers kept on shout "UNDERAGED!! OFF!! OFF!!!!!" when Fann Wong took off all her clothes...

@#$%^& funny a...

Happy Teachers' Day!

Will always remember our mad mad bunch of teachers.

Whom we all respect.

p/s: Cikgu Azmira miss her party so much...haha!!!

pp/s: #$%^&* I lost my name tag at the end. Anyone saw it??

Monday, June 09, 2008 every day

actually it is suppose to be STUDY everyday. Duh, school starts liao ma. First day of second semester, totally blur. I forgot everything 2 weeks ago! nyayuk old...haha...

It's going to be study study study study..activities activities activities activities again...
No holiday till August. =.=" aduh...

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Here are some random photos took by another SLR camera few days ago. Can compare with the photos in my former posts. The quality are so so different! I need a SLR camera!

chang. Today is duan wu jie o! Learn how to pao chang!
pao pao...i forgot to make the eggs stand at 12 noon again. Wait till next year... it with my previous posts...the photos are OBVIOUSLY better than the phone camera photos and my OLYMPUS cam photos... (Aiya, dont go DUH! la..) I am sure, No One will be unhappy when they can upgrade from a phone camera to a SLR.
Do you know other than taking superb-GREAT photos, SLR camera have other uses too? This is what make me so envious...With SLR camera, THE BIGGER THE BETTER, the more extensions you have, the better, you can enter concerts and functions for free! Sitting infront of the VIPs some more!!!! omg... you know why? because the authorities thought those people are some sort of OH-SO-IMPORTANT reporters with the big camera. (like the Jazz Festivals)
So, free entries.. !@#$!!!!! i need it!
And also, one sure looks good with a SLR camera right?! Instead of looking bulky and dull, you will look so COOL in it. With the big "head" thingies...It looks even cooler.
Too bad, it's not my turn to have it yet. :(
Donate to help Christine get a SLR camera, click here!
(lol, joking only la...)