Thursday, June 05, 2008

40kg yet still on diet?

WTHHHHH!!!! Yes, i am 40kg (Dropped 2kg few days ago...), i tried to gain weight as much as i can. I know i am dangerously "over"weight. BUT HELL!!! They are forcing me to go on diet! RICE are like more expensive than gold now....I mean like RM50 for 10kg? How to eat? I cant even have any rice...Originally i would be very very happy if i dont have rice for dinner, dont know why, i just dont like them. But the absence of it really has a big impact on us...

I knew about this news few days ago. Didnt really care about it. I was like "cheh, increase by RM2 per kg nia ma...nothing one la..." I went to the market today, omg...RM5o++ for most of the rice at 10kg. !@#$%^&*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to Brunei again today. Went shopping. We tried to buy the rice but the cashier advice us better dont buy because the custom will check. Well, they do. Malaysians are not allowed to buy any rice from Brunei. THEY RICE ONLY COST LIKE RM20 for 10kg okay!? !@#$%^!!!!

We are so going to be like those africans in starvation any soon. We're gonna starve to death. So soon. Unless, if you choose to have potato. :D!!!

Edit: I just gain back 3kg!! YEAH!!!! after having such big meals at Brunei. LOL!!!!

p/s: It's good to go Brunei for day trip, cause you can fill up your petrol at such cheap price..BRD0.50 per litre, that's like RM1.20+++ per cheap compare to RM2.70 per litre now. But we can only fill up to BRD10 per filling-up. Nvm, still can save that little tiny bit.