Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Borneo Tropical Rainforest! and Methodist Sports!

I am currently having muscle pain, blisters and blah blah blah...hahah!!! Why? Cause i went to Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort! I followed the youth fellowship from church. If you go as a normal tourist, you may not have this much fun but following them to go is having total madness...We dont really have a tour around the resort but having our own activties. I didnt took much photo cause we are having activities with on water andi forgot to bring my waterproof camera...

Anyways........these are some of the photo..

after morning games, i just found out my phone in th bag..took it out while having lunch. Not bad eh the lunch? Especially when you skipped ur breakfast and u throwup on the way going there =.="
eating in the forest...

yuck the insects!
a tree beside our lunch table. natural light!

drinking orange...haha
lalal....outside One Tree Cafe!
Back to the activities...singing first!
and hop onto the "car"/"bus"/whatever...and go have an adventure!!!!

:) yea, that's what you call best friends...looking away while ur friend is trying to take a photo...so bad! haah!!!!!!!!!!!
monica and denise
in the "weird vehicle" pulled by a tractor
beautiful river
which is our BATTLE GROUND!

I thought they are asking us to swim in the river but it turns out even more scary. We are building our own boats to go rafting!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAA!! hahaha..We are given some bamboo, ropes and big tongs....The Mr...what i forgot haha...teached us how to tie the ropes. IT WAS SO !@#$%^& HOT!!!!!!!! building the raft under hot hot hot hot sun...and my hand got blisters somemore..haha, but it was fun.

After a few hours we are ready to go down. I am in bright yellow team. (GO BRIGHT YELLOW!) 4 groups of us race our rafts...paddle waddle...ahahaha, my, it was very tiring indeed. Then i give up on paddling and use my legs to kick instead. It was incredibly faster.....One kick only makes the whole raft faster. Might as well just throw away the paddles and we should all kick...lol!!!

Got 3rd out of 4 groups..lol!!! Who cares, we had a lot of fun! our 10 people group..and many of us get the chance on playing the raft twice instead of once...because the more people u have, the less chance u have on having a go on the raft..hehe...

I was so tired and wet after the battle...slept in the bus but our COTTON CANDY WEI HONG took my photo =.=" lol...And here comes muscle pain and blisters...HAHAHAHAHA!


Today..just the next day after the battle, i went to the Methodist Sports Day!!!! I participated in....[a type of funny kiddy telematch against a bunch of kids].
These aunties are so so funny with their aerobic dance. It wasnt suppose to be funny, but i cant stop laughing while dancing along with them. Many of them didnt laugh cause they saw it before bah....
At the outdoor stadium.
Tug of war. Our only winning event. LOL. It was very very exciting!
Other churches in Miri. They are very good in sports indeed!
Our church
I went back just before the result was announced. How was it aa?? Haha!

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