Thursday, June 26, 2008


We won the champion!!! buahahahahaha...
It was a tough competition. Many of us (EXCLUDE ME) were very very down before the results was announce. While i kept on asking them not to talk negatively. Then we won, unexpectedly! omg....
Then, when we are hugging crying jumping of joy, something stike it into nothing. We are not going to the national level, WE ARE NOT GOING TO SEMENANJUNG (actually it was terengganu) because there is no national competition. blah...whatever la, at least we came back with something.

Today, my life as a probation prefect starts. It went quite good, with rui ting as my senior. It wasnt anything unusual la since i had been crazying around in this field since 2 years ago. Except the duty part. We have to take down the names of the offenders. Well, no comments on that first. Cause it is only the first day. Not too bad la.
I am in the reception department. I wonder how izit in the disciplinary department...??
I hope they look more strict and smart instead of solemn at the gate in the morning. :)
I HAVE SO MANY HOMEWORK aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, miss 4 days of class only...haha..better start now.

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