Monday, June 30, 2008


Don't laugh. No, laugh. LOL LO!!!!
On the Parents' teachers' day last Saturday in the school, my teacher had no comments on my studies. But the only thing she said is, you are very childish la.

That hit me hard.
I admit. I am childish. But that depends, if i am ACTING childish or i am really childish. The truth is, most of the time, i am acting one. I just feel like we shouldn't be That serious, i mean like strict looking and fierce and all that. It that necessary? Take it easy. But when i am working, professionalism is my motto. :)

p/s: MONKEYMAN! you are more childish ho. hahaha


Sharleen said...

why u play with my nonohon zoku.....=P. Take care of it properly..hahaha

Faye said...

Yes. I agreed with you.
Your feelings....I understand.
Been there too....^-^