Saturday, June 21, 2008

Drama Competition 2008

I am so lucky..I GET TO WATCH THE DRAMA COMPETITION!!! haha...not much people have the chance to watch this. Yes, THE MOST EXCITING COMPETITION OF THE YEAR! with many things.

I went there to work as reception la..haha. many of the dramas have very very lame storyline..some doesnt even mean anything. But i still enjoy it. :D Here are a few scenes of it:
This is about a girl turning from bad to good. It was this group's that is interesting. They actually painted the whole thing. bloody attracting.
the same drama.
This one is Cinderella. They won the third prize. It was really a lame lame lame story. Haha, But it was entertaining and they have great costumes. The purple dress is her ugly stepsister and cinderella is the one sweeping the floor.
When cinderella tries the shoe,
Grand Duke: Oh, it fits!! You are cinderella!
Cinderella: Yes, i am then.
Then she took another side of the shoe and throw it on the floor.
Cinderella: Here's another pair of it.
...=.=" funny. She just took it out and throw on the floor.

Yucky scenes.
Another team. Violence la...kill people one...

PANCUNG KEPALA!!!!!!!!!! (chop head)

Next, behold! My school's TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "The Forbidden Retirement"This is about a great general who wants to retire but childish emperor wouldnt let him. The he uses force to make him not to retire but then he saw his deceased mom and then the emperor changed his attitude. then he became very good.
haha...kimberly amu..
us..junior receptionists....we saw some cute boys and all face turn red. NO LAAAAAAAAAA...omg....we ate bloody hot nasi lemak...
with siaw jiun and choon yen... :D

the drama team!! part of it...
dont ask me what is that. i have no idea what we are doing.
the VIPs' tehcino!!!!
AND WE WON!!! the proud moment. we are the CHAMPION!!! and charlene got best actor and script writer too..haha...
before i went back home, i saw a cute car.
mini!!!! with a sarawak car plate. cooolll....

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aLoM said...

you from mei chung izzit?congrats on the winning..Does Miss Lydia rings the bell?Thats my sister..tell me if she's been notty.