Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I have fixed routines since the last week for every day. everyday come home at 4.30pm. watch tv. sleep. eat. do homework. sleep. It wasn't overtiring anyway so i dont mind. :D the choral speaking team is going to Sibu next week. Everyone was worried about our performance.
My advice?
try hard but dont think too much about the result, enjoy the process then you will not be dissapointed no matter what the result is.

I am skipping classes more often now. A bit worried lo. Next week skip whole week again. Aduh...UB3 is coming some more..........aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...tell me how!!?? haha. no choice la. you cant tell me how, cause there is no way out.

I got lots of photos and posts to be put up but dont have the time yet (Drama competition and shao nian zhi ye). Wait lo!!! haah...

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Lynette@jeng said...

All the best in Sibu!