Sunday, June 08, 2008


Here are some random photos took by another SLR camera few days ago. Can compare with the photos in my former posts. The quality are so so different! I need a SLR camera!

chang. Today is duan wu jie o! Learn how to pao chang!
pao pao...i forgot to make the eggs stand at 12 noon again. Wait till next year... it with my previous posts...the photos are OBVIOUSLY better than the phone camera photos and my OLYMPUS cam photos... (Aiya, dont go DUH! la..) I am sure, No One will be unhappy when they can upgrade from a phone camera to a SLR.
Do you know other than taking superb-GREAT photos, SLR camera have other uses too? This is what make me so envious...With SLR camera, THE BIGGER THE BETTER, the more extensions you have, the better, you can enter concerts and functions for free! Sitting infront of the VIPs some more!!!! omg... you know why? because the authorities thought those people are some sort of OH-SO-IMPORTANT reporters with the big camera. (like the Jazz Festivals)
So, free entries.. !@#$!!!!! i need it!
And also, one sure looks good with a SLR camera right?! Instead of looking bulky and dull, you will look so COOL in it. With the big "head" thingies...It looks even cooler.
Too bad, it's not my turn to have it yet. :(
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(lol, joking only la...)

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