Friday, June 20, 2008

Shao Nian Zi Ye!!!!!!!!! Church Youth Night!

The Mei Ann Church's Shao Nian Zi Ye is finally done! (last week to be exact) haha...i was so @#$%^ busy that's why it was delayed by a week... :P
Our pretty backdrop...they used lots of time to finish this.
Our puurrrffeecccttt APEK!!! COTTON CANDY!!!!!!!!! no la..wei hong la..hahahahahha
Angel and woman of demon!!!
ermm....ehem....jocelyn girl who smokes with exploded hair??
ME!!! i played with the wings..ahhahaha it is a high quality wing o!!
the boys...

HAHAHAHA!!! Shuai le!!! our dancer...
make up..dressing up!! so so messy!
The hall - our stage for the night!

guo san

acting cool la!
These are some of the scenes of the movie:
the guy in the middle walking up the stairs is wen cai our main character who acts as AH MING who loves to help people..
but then he was tempted by the devil who are so dead terrifying and became very bad.

He fight with a man and then fainted. He was dragged into the hell. There, he found his best friend, whom he didnt spread the Gospel to. When he wake up, he felt very sorry for himself and then he turn good again. Haha!

What part do i have in? haha....calefe SINGER!!!!! lol

We sang after that. It was so relaxing and happy. This is definitely the most memorable time. Didnt take the photo of it la, why? CAUSE I AM ALSO SINGING ON STAGE LA!!!

And finally, our main character tonight!!!

the LORD!!!!!!!!
What are you guys still waiting?
Join our Church Youth now and PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!
p/s: I was so surprised and happy to see so many people from many churches.. :D

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