Friday, June 27, 2008

Underage dentist in poliklinik - me

I Became A DENTIST TODAY!!! was hari kerjaya bidang pergigian. In Poliklinik.
for real.

I wore doctor's mask and gloves. Even though it was too big.
because there was no S size. I joined a group of 4 with my partner, a malay girl from smk agama. She is so sweet. And the dentist is not bad looking too. HAHAHA...

I drilled the rotten tooth and do fillings. With proper instruments.
I chosed a tooth with coffee stain. Drilled it with a diamond cotted drilling instrument. It was so cool!!! You can actually play around the dentist's instruments. Which normally we are not allowed to touch.

I saw the dentist make mould and make teeth modal. with Alginate.
Our group member let us play with his teeth. He's got good teeth you know. So straight and nice. but big mouth!!

I went into the sterilizing room and saw the Biosonic machine.
This room is super clean and dangerous. it cleans the used instruments so you might got infected easily here. If you are sick, you can't go into this room. the machine costed RM18,000. omg...

I learn about how to make false teeth, ears, noses and other body parts. I also learn much about orthodontic.
This guy was so fond of my braces. He kept on looking at my braces and talked lots about it. Many other dentists asked about it too. We played with the fake body parts. The boys kept on sticking the ears and noses on their cheeks and they say they want to go to parkson to flirt with girls with it. ehem..ehem..

I went into the x-ray room and learn how to take x-ray films.
It was super radioactive. Although it wasnt as high tech as my dentist's x-ray machine but it was cheap!! and the x-ray people are very sweet too. I saw a plumbum shirt.

I learn how to detect plague on teeth. Your teeth will turn very red if you chew the chemical and u have plague on ur teeth.
Another girl in my group volunteered and got totally embarassed. Her teeth turned all red and yucky. This means her teeth got plague, which we called "tahi gigi" (teeth sh*t).

I wrote an essay about promoting teeth care.
My essay was too long. Cause i wrote until so high and forgot the number of words we should write.

I got certificate for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
such an honour. Cert given by the Jabatan Kesihatan.



i forgot to bring my camera. @#$%^&*!!!!!!!!
it was so interesting ok!!!???

So now, i knew hell lots more about dentistry. Another future goal? Maybe, but after my neurologist - the brainy doctor.

p/s: I will tried my very best to post up the 100++ photo of choral speaking.

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