Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bistro Delifrance @ BintangJaya MIRI!

Another francais for gourmet eating in miri.
My mom and I passed by that day before my dental appointment so we decided to try lo...The outside of the restaurant looks fine, with mix of blue and white. It should be good i thought.

The internal design was very cool too. One side is cool adn refeshing one and another is romantic and quite dark. Haha. We chosed the brighter one...There were ang mos and their children there that day. oh my, the babies are screaming like hell....spoil the great atmosphere? no la, the baby is too cute. I mean a cute toodler of 3 or 4 with golden curls and bright blue eyes, who could resist!?

I looked at the menu and decided not to order any drinks...FYI, i'm not rich enough to have drinks of RM10++ per glass so i have a glass of mineral water that FREE OF CHARGED. haha. (only amoys like me will do that...)

my terriyaki salmon
I have gotta say it tasted REALLY REALLY SUPERBLY GREAT!!!! the salmon taste really great with the terriyaki sauce with 2 scoops of mash under it...the mash is really creamy. And the garden salad, OMG!!! green corals and all those...WOW!

Arabbrata chicken.

My mom's. It tasted really nice too but the sauce taste a bit like Prego. lol.

Again, the salad is great!

We only ordered 2 main course lo. Not much more since we are in a hurry.

It was quite priceyyyy...but for a standard like that, it's worth it.

Recommended! :D


lynnx01 said...

Finally it has opened after so long of 'renovation'.

Alex Allied said...

honestly, Mr. Ho would beat them hands down. Food is rather, tasteless.

And if you're at Bintang Plaza for a drink, go to Coffee Bean, you don't wanna taste their hot chocolate. It's more like milo to me.

Christine said...

Mr.Ho is still ok la. Their food are nice but their service needs improvement. I think delifrance's service is very good though. Their waitresses are very very friendly indeed. And it's a good place for GOURMET FOOD if you are in bintang plaza.