Friday, July 25, 2008


Here a story i wrote long time's quite nice i think cause i write one ma..haha Happy reading!
Love, a type of feeling, not action, towards a person or object you have. More than just ‘like’, ‘infatuations’, ‘lust’, it is that special feeling, that will make you fee warm, happy and loved.

There was once an old man, living in that shabby wood shed near the kampong road. The house was not built by quality wood like oak, but of split slabs that you can find in abused construction site. In this old little hut, there are only an old chair and table, a cupboard and an old single bed. They all looked like the furniture from the rubbish dump. There is not even a curtain on the window!

The old lived alone, no friends or family. He would cycle to his working place - a construction site, every single morning. That bicycle is the only asset he owned and has accompanied him for 30 years. Ah, 30 years of cycling and working under the sun, no wonder he has such dark skin tone! Yes, life is harsh to him, but he will not give up no matter what, even when he knew his days are numbered.

One evening, the old man was cycling back home from work as usual. But the sky was gloomy and covered with grey clouds that day. Wind was blowing strongly and the dried leaves started to dance in the air, following the rhythm of the wind.

When he reached his house, he saw a baby there in a box. With pink cheeks and crying the tip of his voice. Whose baby is this? The old man wondered and looked around. No one was around. He took the baby in anyway as it was getting chilly outside. The old man made a police report about the poor baby and waited for days. No news, no nothing at all, even after a few weeks.

He hugged the baby and cuddled him. When his sore eyes met the baby’s big googly eyes, he knew it –another baby-dumping case. Poor baby, he could not possibly take him as he was already struggling to meet the ends. But who would take the baby anyway? The orphanage? No, there was a child-abusing case just last week in the orphanage nearby, he could not imagine what would happen if the baby was sent there. Finally, he decided to keep the baby.

He took up another job, as a street cleaner, working every evening after the construction work ended, he rushed to another job. It was really exhausting but every time he got his salary, he would buy some food and milk for the baby. He would not mind skipping lunch every now and then which cost RM2 everyday because every time he saw the baby smile, or grew an inch taller, he was satisfied.

Time fled and days passed, the baby grew into a clever and obedient child. He finally started his schooling years. The old man’s salary of RM400 per month can cope with the school fees but it was not that simple. Once, the child needed a computer for his studies and research. He was shocked when the child told him about the news. A computer? That would have cost RM1000! For the sake of that child, he agreed, but on one condition –the child had to study really hard.

It was a deal. The child studied very hard but the old man worked even harder. He sold his bicycle, his only asset and skipped him lunch numerous times a month. After 2 months, a brand new computer was here. It was the latest technology at that time. The child could finally do researches with his computer and he was admired by many classmates. He felt really happy and thanked his “dad” he had known since he was a baby. He knew the old man was not his real father, but he loved him as much as the old man loved the child like his own son. The child grew up moved away. He got a scholarship and graduated as a certified engineer. He felt happy and wanted to thank his “dad” like when he was a child, when he got his first computer. He went back to the shabby woodshed to find his “dad”. Everything in the woodshed did not change at all, but the only thing that had changed was his father.

The old man felt really sick due to old age. He looked even paler than before, matching his silvery-white hair. He lay on the bed and smiled to the child that has become a capable young man. His kindness shone through his sore eyes. The young man looked at him with tears in his eyes. The old man opened his mouth and in a weak voice, he said, “I love you, son.” The young man took up his old hand and said, “I love you too, dad.” The old man smiled weakly and finally closed his eyes.

That is it, the relationship between 2 total strangers at the beginning, until a pair of loving father and son. It was the magic of love which makes all of these happened.

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