Sunday, July 06, 2008

One Million Star II is cheating.

I guess most people here know about the TV Show One Million Star 2 (chao ji xing guan da dao). They did have great singers. But on season 2's PK, something made me very ehem...angry about them lo. Ling Jian Hui our very own Malaysia Singer with such great voice went to PK them. Last week, they got the same mark. IT WAS OBVIOUSLY LING JIA HUI BETTER OK!! still the stupid judges let them had a tie, because of their own egoness...because you see..when their taiwan singer lose, where they put their face? So they asked him to sing again this week.
And this #$%^&* incident happened lo...
It was obviously again! LING JIA HUI IS BETTER! #$%^&*&^%$# The ego ego judges still say, yes, jian hui is very good very good but i also like chen pei chi's singer. She sucks, i even sing better than her ok (LOL!!) ..her pitching is not accurate and she sings doubtfully.
Ling Jian Hui must have known they are going to say that again so they pakat together to make dramas...puttt...
got people say this continues for 4 times.

This is like watching WWF wrestling. Cause that wrestling is actually acting. They are making lots of drama instead of REAL wristling. So is it to One Million Star competition. They MAKE it like a real singing competition but they are like making lots of dramas (as Taiwan are famous of making dramas lo). Crying la....hugging la....and then this incident again.

Haiyo...dont play play with Malaysia. Sure Ling Jian Hui is better than chen pei ci la.....


Lynn said...

Yes. I just finished watching Million Star actually.

I really the judges are being really UNFAIR to lin jia hui. He sings much better can.

The 1st time the PK, the girl only got 18 marks, but the judges added till 21 marks in the end.

I was so pissed you know that time!

not that it matters now. I enjoy watching them PK.

Christine said...

UNFAIR...making dramas bah.
Kesian lin jian hui