Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Yes, i got scolded and screamed at badly today. I thought i will cry and feel really bad at myself. Surprisingly, i was very proud of myself so you can see me smile when i got scolded.
I SMILE! you know, i actually smiled or grinned when i got yelled at.
This was so not me. The usual me will immediately cry...fell down and cry more....But i decided not cry but instead, take it with a smile.
Not sure if that is the right sentence to use.
But actually i saw something even more scary before. It was far more scary than just throwing paper and screamed at. So, that does not really scares me out.
For me, the dissapointed eye is far more dark than yelling....
So scary that you do not know what to do or how to react.

Still, i think talking properly is better than yelling. I mean, i can understand well, you just say it and i will try to cooperate. It was still ok to us, i mean the one with great patience, what imagine what will happen if we do not have that? My brother said if he was the one not avoided. OMG...violence.

Ok. I will forgive myself for being "not-fierce-enough" again(my first formal spot check ever)....and i will well, refelct what i have learn(I admit, i really did something wrong bah..). Even though it was kinda terrifying, i guess that is a style of teaching also. I respect her (her root is to teach us). I would not mind for real. Really, don't worry.

p/s: i wanna be the one who throws the paper next time. But i promise i wont say "SHUT UP" but "Please remain silent, thank you." hahahahhahahahaha........

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