Friday, July 11, 2008

Training Before the Competition!

We didnt get the letter to join the competition, not until 1 week ago. It was too too late...we thought it was impossible to join this year. Until..nvm, we just join no matter what. And we recruit the new members just last thursday.... Intensive trainings start. The coach are all here to help us.

Bunting...swinging...all the funny signs
Walao eh...need 2 coach to teach how to swing...
Trainings in the morning...learn to stop the ball
haha...throwing the ball
WAH!! Raymond in action

We all just learn from the very beginning. the most basic stuff. No one knew how to play properly. Even our fielding seems hopeless....
We didn't give up though. We improved the afternoon before competition. It was good. but what we are afraid is not good enough...

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