Thursday, July 10, 2008

Softball competition!

We won half the game!! how to say half? in 2 games we play, we won 1. ON ST.CO!!!
I respect St.Co as a school but the coach of the team is like...kanasai....they kept on cheating on us. Will talk about that when i have time.
haha. We lose to They are Really good you see. Very powerful and very good catch. They are quite fast too.

I didnt pitch for the morning game against pitch is also kanasai this morning. Can't control my pitching this morning. (fyi, pitching is throwing the ball for the person who bet to bet. it is to start a game too) . But this afternoon, yen siew(our pro pitcher) is already tired. i got up instead. SO FREAKINGLY SCARY...i thought i would be like kanasai as usual but actually i did quite ok.
We won by 17 vs 11. And lost to st jo by 14 vs 7.

:D Hip hip hurray for girls' team. For this is our first year and first game ever. We won half the game!
The main results will be announced tomorrow. so excited.

p/s: I became bloody dark.........................i become a nigerian!!! haha

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bubble7866 said...

hey... tell me more bout the softball competiton.. i'm a player also but no more in school team lo... by the way which school are u from.... i want to knw morebout ur story....