Wednesday, July 30, 2008

WHAT ON EARTH AM I HERE FOR!? I have the answer!

Haha. This is so super late late late...

For many of my friends who are so emo and had no idea what they are living for,

YOu may ask. Read:
The Purpose Driven Life is book by Rick Warren that literally, TELLS YOU WHAT YOUR PURPOSE OF LIFE IS. It does not ask you to find it yourself but tell you.
It is a 40 days programme which you have to read one chapter one day. Which means it have 40 chapters. Short chapters of course. With verses and questions to ponder on eACh day. I got this book from my mom.. If you wanna read, chinese one, i have a copy here. (specially made for teenagers) :D

I believe after reading this book, the purpose of life is undeniably PROVED.

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Faye said...

Does it really work?
I kinda let go around page 4 xP