Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baobei at MarinaBay

His first outing! to Marina Bay during s sunset.
I took him out in a small bag. People didnt realised it was a real dog before that because only his head are exposed outside until i pulled him out of the bag then people around were shocked,"GOT DOG!" ahaha...
He was so cute then. I mean after his grooming. Baobei went grooming yesterday and it was so !@#$@# expensive. Nvm nvm.

This BAOBEI very smart one o. He is now 2 months plus old and the tricks he knows:
  • listen to his name
  • listen to eat eat
  • toilet training complete
  • climbing and going down stairs
  • keeping his toys into his basket
  • sit
  • jump
  • stand
  • shake hands
  • swimming
  • bite people bite people.>..

Smart huh!!!

Exam! test! exam~~!!!!!! must STUDY!

Friday, August 29, 2008


After going missing in action for 3 weeks...erm.. I am still going to be missing for 1 more weeks. I GOt LOTS MORE THING TO TELL!!
My Sabah and Singapore Trip.
My ice skating things..
The prefects stuff...


SO TA TA FOR NOW!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Something for my beloved Form 5-ers

This is dedicated to the Form 5-ers who are currently facing their trial exam and soon SPM:

You guys are so horrible,
what kind of brain do you have?
I mean one sejarah book is enough to freak the whole me out
but you guys memorised 2!
How about those science subjects?!
HOW HOW! You tell me how...
And, you still manage to sit there online,
or go to the cinema..
When i ask you, "No need study meh?"
You said, "I am a genius mah.."
HOW HOW! You tell me how...
You can remain so calm....

And so i wondered,
how would i be when it is my turn?
To face the SPM.
Scary? Terrified? Shocked?
Really a..
Horrible, terrible, vegetable!

p/s: this is sucha crap poem..

Up Next: August Holiday!

I am so ever excited about this holiday...omg...

On Friday, i'm going to KK for a camp!!! LOL!!! ok, it is not really counted as a camp..but more like a relaxing trip. It's "D-girls' camp" by Girls' Brigade Malaysia!!! woohooo!!!

Know why i said relaxing? CAUSE IT IS IN MELINSUNG SUMMER BAY RESORT...TUTT!! That's the best place you could think for a camp ok! I mean only 3 person per room which you can choose your roomate and the activities? Going to adventure park and learning crafts and speaking and blah blah skills... Hope i really enjoyed it there!!!! :D

And on the last night got all girls wearing beach wear again. Too bad you boys cant go! HAHA
After coming back on 20th morning, i will depart again in the afternoon to JB. WOOOHOO!!!! dream of the year..achieved! Go to singapore to play play.

I wanted to go:

1. Singapore Flyer (The new ferris wheel..weee)

it does look great in the photo. Hope it is really worth it.

2. East Coast ( FOR SKATING OF COURSE) it's sucha great beach for skating..hehe

which you are not going to see me wearing that... =.="

3. Secret Recipe good or not ha?

4. Vivo & Orchard Road (to shop for presents i owe to my friends...& i need a new wallet)

wow. it looks great in the photo. BUT EVEN BETTER IN REAL LIFE! haha

5. To do my moral kerja amal there! LOL!!! the kekeluargaan theme. :)
I was planning to do cooking for my kerja amal...not yet done.

So wait up for those photos! I will upload them!!! :D

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Run the field!

This is practically running the field and carrying the board at noon time..

Chung Hua Food Fair 08

My school's food fair... :D! I am again, helping at the softball stall. Hahahaha!!!!!
selling herbal egg tea
our stall
the sign board! I MAKE ONE O!!!! lol..super cute lo. .
(perasan betul)

Many people many people many people..
selling eggs to jeffery. Fake one la. cause i needed it for Moral's kerja amal so i make him stand there. BUt we sold a lot of the eggs too
softball club's lucky draw...

Wait...what's with the hands at the people dating there o! who's that?!

We sold 300 eggs, dumplings, curry chicken, hotdogs, drinks, cendol...

Total money RM1023. LOL!! That is 5 times the money we got originally. We got from sponsoring sheet RM200++ only. Very good very good.

Softball Club Jia you!!!!

Beijing Olympic 2008!!!

Went to fiona's birthday on 08/08/08. we celebrated the Beijing Olympic there too!!!! IT WAS SO SO SO GESI!!! We actually clapped and HOOOOED in front of the tv. Lol!!!! (pretending they could hear us)
Now. The photos! Straight from the TV!! brocasting from Beijing by astro..:D
I this one most. The drum one. Really cool! 2008 people playing the drums...
oh yeah!!
the kiddo singing. She's good...
the scroll...invetion of Chinese
great wall of china!! Those cubes are human.

playing puppets

the poles and those ladies. i dont get what this means
but those girl had pretty makeup and..WHAT'S WITH THE 2 MOLES BESIDE THEIR LIPS!!!???

this one is very very gesi too lo!!! SO MANY PEOPLE DOING WUSHU!

There are 240 countries joining the Olympic this year and USA is the biggest team. China's woman broke the world record for 48kg woman weight-lifting by lifting 117kg of weight. USA's swimming team is great.
Greatest Opening ceremony ever!
p/s: i fell asleep during the lighting of the torch. lol....but i watch the repeat one second day..

Sarawak Blackout!

Greetings from the age of darkness...Let me introduce you to the state i live in, the land of hornbills -SARAWAK!!!!!
First, let us go to the capital of the state.
Next, travel north abit


And finally, to the town i live in MIRI!!!!!

Those are the great photographs of the 3 cities. You don't believe it a? It was like that last night!!!! Guessed i've pick the wrong time to take the photo...


omg... :)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

School Sports DaY!

Chung Hua's sports day! from friday to saturday. Hehe. Though i am not an athlete, still participating in it, working as track judge. :D
cute teacher!
Ready, get set, go!
run run run for your life!
lol! I also wanted to run but people wont let me run!
The Opening ceremony! the uniform bodies are in the field
brassband performing again
You cant see me..haha..too small

oH YA, after i was being sun burned by the softball competition last time, i have made total preparation for this sports day.

The Anti Sun Kit!

completed with 2 hats, towel, UV block umbrelle, bottle of water and the hand gloves

The pinkish one
the cool one
and my brand new bag!! :) Teeheeeeeee...

It's free. Cause my mom bought Lancome. Love it!

And of course. A sunblock is not to be missed. I bought a new sun block. Since the last one i use is not so effective. This one is very good cause it has anti-kekusaman...which i dont know how to translate. Kusam is the white spot on face as a result of sun and sweat....aiya, dont know how to say la!

my sports house, Saturn, was very steady (we got the same position from starting to the end)! We were very very happy though. With a bunch of great crazy teachers.. HAHA!

It turns out great this year! And i guess this will be the last sports day i will be participating in cause form 5 people are not allowed to be in it.

By the way, that is my sivic's teacher dancing... to crazy frog