Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baobei at MarinaBay

His first outing! to Marina Bay during s sunset.
I took him out in a small bag. People didnt realised it was a real dog before that because only his head are exposed outside until i pulled him out of the bag then people around were shocked,"GOT DOG!" ahaha...
He was so cute then. I mean after his grooming. Baobei went grooming yesterday and it was so !@#$@# expensive. Nvm nvm.

This BAOBEI very smart one o. He is now 2 months plus old and the tricks he knows:
  • listen to his name
  • listen to eat eat
  • toilet training complete
  • climbing and going down stairs
  • keeping his toys into his basket
  • sit
  • jump
  • stand
  • shake hands
  • swimming
  • bite people bite people.>..

Smart huh!!!

Exam! test! exam~~!!!!!! must STUDY!

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