Sunday, August 03, 2008

School Sports DaY!

Chung Hua's sports day! from friday to saturday. Hehe. Though i am not an athlete, still participating in it, working as track judge. :D
cute teacher!
Ready, get set, go!
run run run for your life!
lol! I also wanted to run but people wont let me run!
The Opening ceremony! the uniform bodies are in the field
brassband performing again
You cant see me..haha..too small

oH YA, after i was being sun burned by the softball competition last time, i have made total preparation for this sports day.

The Anti Sun Kit!

completed with 2 hats, towel, UV block umbrelle, bottle of water and the hand gloves

The pinkish one
the cool one
and my brand new bag!! :) Teeheeeeeee...

It's free. Cause my mom bought Lancome. Love it!

And of course. A sunblock is not to be missed. I bought a new sun block. Since the last one i use is not so effective. This one is very good cause it has anti-kekusaman...which i dont know how to translate. Kusam is the white spot on face as a result of sun and sweat....aiya, dont know how to say la!

my sports house, Saturn, was very steady (we got the same position from starting to the end)! We were very very happy though. With a bunch of great crazy teachers.. HAHA!

It turns out great this year! And i guess this will be the last sports day i will be participating in cause form 5 people are not allowed to be in it.

By the way, that is my sivic's teacher dancing... to crazy frog

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