Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Something for my beloved Form 5-ers

This is dedicated to the Form 5-ers who are currently facing their trial exam and soon SPM:

You guys are so horrible,
what kind of brain do you have?
I mean one sejarah book is enough to freak the whole me out
but you guys memorised 2!
How about those science subjects?!
HOW HOW! You tell me how...
And, you still manage to sit there online,
or go to the cinema..
When i ask you, "No need study meh?"
You said, "I am a genius mah.."
HOW HOW! You tell me how...
You can remain so calm....

And so i wondered,
how would i be when it is my turn?
To face the SPM.
Scary? Terrified? Shocked?
Really a..
Horrible, terrible, vegetable!

p/s: this is sucha crap poem..


- BiN - said...

eww...i though got tips for tomorrow de test..
hmm..genius o? who..?..hehek..

hmm..i dint study mood...cause...olympic...cause..other mood study..then...leave out lu..hmm...results is not the most important for me...a good heart and healthy is most important for me.. when u re form 4...u wont regret then u meet spm...

Christine said...

LOL!!! thanks :D

Sharleen said...

Hmp...dont worry. As long as you study and pay attention in class. You won't be left behind!! Just remember this, if so many ppl can just get through SPM, why not you? Whether they are clever or not, everyone goes through it. And about history, you need to learn to predict the topics that is coming out, definitely with the help of your teacher...ahhahaa. You dont need to remember all the two books. You need to understand whats going on and then predict the questions. =P Study smart!! =P

LingDi said...

Don't worry much abt Sejarah because it is easy to score A1 for that. All you got to is to understand the chapters well. No need to memorise. If you have the Pintas A notes, it'll be even easier to study.
All the best! Cherish the time in secondary school because that's one of the best times one can have in life.
God bless...