Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Up Next: August Holiday!

I am so ever excited about this holiday...omg...

On Friday, i'm going to KK for a camp!!! LOL!!! ok, it is not really counted as a camp..but more like a relaxing trip. It's "D-girls' camp" by Girls' Brigade Malaysia!!! woohooo!!!

Know why i said relaxing? CAUSE IT IS IN MELINSUNG SUMMER BAY RESORT...TUTT!! That's the best place you could think for a camp ok! I mean only 3 person per room which you can choose your roomate and the activities? Going to adventure park and learning crafts and speaking and blah blah skills... Hope i really enjoyed it there!!!! :D

And on the last night got all girls wearing beach wear again. Too bad you boys cant go! HAHA
After coming back on 20th morning, i will depart again in the afternoon to JB. WOOOHOO!!!! dream of the year..achieved! Go to singapore to play play.

I wanted to go:

1. Singapore Flyer (The new ferris wheel..weee)

it does look great in the photo. Hope it is really worth it.

2. East Coast ( FOR SKATING OF COURSE) it's sucha great beach for skating..hehe

which you are not going to see me wearing that... =.="

3. Secret Recipe good or not ha?

4. Vivo & Orchard Road (to shop for presents i owe to my friends...& i need a new wallet)

wow. it looks great in the photo. BUT EVEN BETTER IN REAL LIFE! haha

5. To do my moral kerja amal there! LOL!!! the kekeluargaan theme. :)
I was planning to do cooking for my kerja amal...not yet done.

So wait up for those photos! I will upload them!!! :D

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