Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chris in Kuching

I've attended lots and lots of events...aaaa..
I wanted to blog about the senior prefects' appreciation night!! but i am currently in kuching. wth right? next week exam i am still here. Half of the purpose i am here is because i needed a shopping spree.. Yes, I NEED ONE. Haha.

Another half? Erm, personal reasons. :D

I went to The Spring today. FINALLY! I have not step into this Cat City for 2 years already, except transitting in airport. Well, i have to congratulate Sarawak actually for The Spring, because there is actually a SHOPPING MALL which can achieve half the the standard of SG's malls. :) (OneBorneo still top this Borneo island!!!)

It was good to see those "quality" shops here. Haha, I guess you know what i mean by "quality" right?

I bought 1 shirt from Hush Puppies, 1 shorts from Nike and 1 black skirt from G2000. So the happy!!! Also went to MPH! I bought 2 books which i dreaded since a long time ago...

Marley & Me

Who moved my cheese?
Next books on "the MOST WANTED BOOKS!" are:
1. Five persons you'll meet in Heaven
2. By the time you read this
3. Any little black dress book :)
Going to Damai soon either.
This is what you call enjoy life~
Eat, sleep, shop, play. HAHAHA!!! Nearly exam liao still enjoy life. Still, happy holidays and Selamat Hari Raya!!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pizza pizza

EEE I AM TOUCHING MEAT!!!!!yuck yuck yuck.. uncooked meat...
Ha, it's bacon la and it's half cooked already. I'm just exaggerating.
I am cooking again..which is becoming more often lately. Today, i baked a PIZZA!!! (which i dont know what's the name since i practically mix many thing into it... =.=")

Here's the ingredients:

  1. Pizza bread
  2. Prego sauce
  3. Bacon
  4. Pepperoni
  5. Hotdog
  6. Mozarella cheese

The steps:

  1. Preheat the oven for 5 minutes.
  2. Put all the ingredients on the bread and slice the cheese and put on the ingredients.
  3. Put into the preheated oven. Close the oven "cap" ( OBVIOUSLY! who can baked without it)
  4. Adjust the oven to 210degree celcius and bake for 5-7 minutes.



Pizza is served. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thank you too.

The concert appreciation dinner had finally ended (after so many times being postponed..)
A relieved sigh was let out finally either.

I was actually quite sad just now as i see the stuffs are totally chaotic.
Well, for me at least, it was really unacceptable.
The people are just out of control. And i shouted so much yet no used. Really felt like crying but nothing to be cried out, so i just smiled instead until i couldn't stand. The angry and dissapointed faces, they just freaks me out.
(I even thought that i have dissapointed you, Bevee, if you are reading this..)

Until just now, i receive a few messages.The first one was from an unknown sender. It really lifted me up. With warm appreciation of what we did the whole night. For what we ran around about and skipping a dinner, it suddenly feels like, "it's no big deal."...At least, someone appreciates what we did, even though it was...

I'm going to continue this warm msg to others... :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Add Maths

Love it or hate yourself. Pick one.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Signature and me

Signatures of people changes from time to time. It somehows show the personality of oneself. I can't even understand my own cause it's just a simple scribble which people dont know how to scribble it..
I wont show it here, but i can tell you my signature is simply very very big. Cause i will usually use up all the space provided for signature.
One of my teacher saw my signature today, and she said many things about me only through looking at my signature.

Well she said, I am stubborn (agree) and i don't look back, always looking forward (agree either for my happy-go-lucky personality) . And she also said i am really unpredictable. That means even though i may be really close to anyone, i may still keep a lot inside myself. Erm, very true. I dont get use to like telling little secrets like that to anyone..Even to my best friend whom i knew for so many years. I just like to keep in and maybe sometimes, monolog dalaman, and that's it.

I feel that telling too much may either affect myself or others. But don't worry, i wont be too emo anyhow. The most is crying, then that ends all of it.

So, all i can say is, maybe i am an ice berg. (FYI, the big chunk of ice floating on the sea at the north and south poles..)

Why ice berg?!
Because you can only saw a little part of me on the surface, you will never know how big izit under the water.

Wanna know more about me?
Happy underwater-exploring!!! (just make sure you can swim)

p/s: Maybe i am like those children in "The Golden Compass" without a fixed "demon" yet. :)
pp/s: But global warming is happening!!! Save the Earth!!! Save the Ice Bergs!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kiddo in Executive suit!

This is how i look like, let's say if i wear this to work next time..haha
This photo is not photoshopped at all if you doubt.
So, How was it???

(i am going to post about my mooncake festival once i got the brother took it!)

Call me Underaged-drinking

It's mommy's birthday today. And we are going to make it more special than any year. Instead of having meals in restaurants, we are making dinner ourselves. By we, i mean all of my siblings... :D
This is mommy's pressie..cute le..guess what's inside!!!
whole table of Food and BBQ stuff we bbqed earlier
this little monster have to stay on the chair while we eat
the mash potato i made!!!! very nice o.. AHAHA
and it suppose to be nicer, but "someone" pour the mayo onto it...i prepared thousand island sauce already bah!!! but still, very tasty..

I ate until wanna vomit, i mean cant even drink anything at all.

Now, here's the underaged-drinking part:
After half an hour, i get the chance to take a sip on red wines again. I dont like beers, but i dont mind sake, red wines and white wines. I like to taste red wines, i mean like taking a sip, not drinking the whole full glass of it until i get drunk...
Pick of the day: Barossa 2003
It was quite nice but the alcohol smell is a bit too strong. Still, it cant beat the Port 2002 i tried before in Australia.
Mommy, happy birthday!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

What's wrong with her?

I just went to my friendster account after for ages not being there. Reading through the comments and friends was still ok, until i viewed the Chung Hua's Group forum board.

It was so upseting!
I mean SHE is my AJK Muda in Orientation this year. SHE was really friendly and was willing to do any work that we ask her to do. My very own group junior..yet now, she is going against us.

I know SHE hates prefects, but why? Did anyone do anything unreasonable towards her? What makes her so furious? If someone really did, why doesn't she just tell me? Then perhaps, just perhaps i could help her.
She hated us. And even started a vote on the worst prefect. Totally heartbreaking.

But then i saw the replies, it was so touching. I mean for the people who actually defended us. It was so different from last year! Last year, when the prefect boards are installed, i was reading the forum too. Only 1 guy defended them and the rest are mocking them. but this year, it is different, those defending are more than those mocking.. Thanks guys!

I know we are not really good yet. But i hope you can also see that we are trying very hard everyday to learn new things.
I hope SHE understands us soon.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Baobei blogging!!!!

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That's me camwhoring...

cfcjmsd nsamNMD DXVCjnhm,al,d



p/s: I guess this is the first ever dog blogging post i ever seen...

Sunday, September 07, 2008

This is so frustrating!

I am so sick of being sick.....
Itchy eyes, running noses and non-stop, and literally i mean NON STOP sneezing....ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes me feels like chopping off my nose.
Mainly it's caused by my allergy nose i guess....

And that's the freaking monster...keep biting me and attacking his plushy dog..(which one of its ear falls of and his tongue deformed)

Exams just finished. Yet the scary Year-End test is coming so fast....... =.="

Need to study again.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Mad on Fish Spa

(Hey...why kennysia go fish spa at the same time... make me have nothing to write only...)

My First Intention at the Singapore Flyer: To have a ride on the Flyer la of course!
But my first activity at the Flyer: GO FISH SPA!!!!!!!
WOOHOOO!!! I must admit, i never liked spa before but this fish spa make me go high...
The name's Kento Fish Spa. With many outlets in Singapore and KL. I went to the one at the Singapore Flyer. It was so so cool!!!!
Paying SGD28, you can be BITEN FOR 30 Minutes! Isn't that just...great? Biten by fishes... This fishes are the special kinds from Turki. Their special diet make them unique. It can cure Hong Kong leg, minor scars, remove dead skin and just relieve stress...
I mean DUH!!! Why doesn't it relieve stress? It was so so geli when i first put my leg dog. You will feel like..shocked like billions and billions of hands tickling your legs and...I just don't know how to describe. But you can imagine the feeling when a macho man sitting by you side practically screams his throat off when he puts his leg in..=.="
So there it is. FISH SPA! which i really hope i can go again..
Miri faster open outlet la...i go open eh? haha!
really fun..

KK Trip!

This happens...2 weeks ago. Lol..I was so busy with my exams and school activities then i have no time to blog at all. Sad bloggie..abused.
(This post's photo is from my camera phone only. No camera photos included.)
Now, myKK trip is for the D'Girls' Camp held by the Girls' Brigade Kota Kinabalu. To be exact, it is in Papar. We went there a day earlier and stay in a super tiny room. 1 queen and 1 space on the floor, Squeezed 10 person.
These are the photos we went shopping at Central point:
Ang ang ang...Doremon!
ee ping with her tiny car
cheng lik with her police car
the super huge bear!!!!
we snap secretly after a few days we saw they put the no photo signs on. lol!!! Me and cheng lik!! at kenny rogers..
On the way to Papar. THE KK BEACH!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These are the apartments we live in. Very spacey and comfy. But kinda disgusting when we saw lots of cockroaches and ants in the house. ahaha!
the main place we have our activities
eating the boat! I am the PEARL!!!
(if you watch Pirates of the Caribbean then u'll know)

a view outside our apartment.
Our company's poster. Well, we sort of do it the night before camp until 2am. LO!L!! The side torn off a bit.. :p
nerdy me!

The camp was on 16 to 19 August. I participated in the Crafty Works workshop and Public Speaking workshop. I did some good stuff in the craft works workshop. THe photos are in my camera.
ANd we went to Adventure park. Which..was quite a dissapointed. Cause it was not as adventurous as i thought it would be. We did high ropes, flying fox, rock climbing and bungee jumping. It was ok i guessed...
Evangelistic night
At ONEBorneo, the largest shopping mall on Borneo Island!

another last view on the beach

After the camp, we went to Warisan Square for shopping!!! (again. But i'll never get enough of it)
BIG BIG MONKEY!!!!! (monkeyman will love this)
I spent less than RM100 and i am so proud of myself...that's less than half of my budget. Then off we go back to Miri...
(wait up for another post on kk trip with my camera photos)