Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Call me Underaged-drinking

It's mommy's birthday today. And we are going to make it more special than any year. Instead of having meals in restaurants, we are making dinner ourselves. By we, i mean all of my siblings... :D
This is mommy's pressie..cute le..guess what's inside!!!
whole table of Food and BBQ stuff we bbqed earlier
this little monster have to stay on the chair while we eat
the mash potato i made!!!! very nice o.. AHAHA
and salad...it it suppose to be nicer, but "someone" pour the mayo onto it...i prepared thousand island sauce already bah!!! but still, very tasty..

I ate until wanna vomit, i mean cant even drink anything at all.

Now, here's the underaged-drinking part:
After half an hour, i get the chance to take a sip on red wines again. I dont like beers, but i dont mind sake, red wines and white wines. I like to taste red wines, i mean like taking a sip, not drinking the whole full glass of it until i get drunk...
Pick of the day: Barossa 2003
It was quite nice but the alcohol smell is a bit too strong. Still, it cant beat the Port 2002 i tried before in Australia.
Mommy, happy birthday!!!


...Janice... said...

u tried wine in aus? last year ha? haha..miss the time..y u can try 1? i wanted 2 try but the lady thr said no...i was speaking chinese eh..she can read my mind..haha..

Sharleen said...
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Sharleen said...

I pour the mayo i pour the mayo!! LOL. How would i know u have prepared thousand island? Ppl keep calling me to put mayo..who knows...chaos environment..