Friday, September 05, 2008

KK Trip!

This happens...2 weeks ago. Lol..I was so busy with my exams and school activities then i have no time to blog at all. Sad bloggie..abused.
(This post's photo is from my camera phone only. No camera photos included.)
Now, myKK trip is for the D'Girls' Camp held by the Girls' Brigade Kota Kinabalu. To be exact, it is in Papar. We went there a day earlier and stay in a super tiny room. 1 queen and 1 space on the floor, Squeezed 10 person.
These are the photos we went shopping at Central point:
Ang ang ang...Doremon!
ee ping with her tiny car
cheng lik with her police car
the super huge bear!!!!
we snap secretly after a few days we saw they put the no photo signs on. lol!!! Me and cheng lik!! at kenny rogers..
On the way to Papar. THE KK BEACH!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These are the apartments we live in. Very spacey and comfy. But kinda disgusting when we saw lots of cockroaches and ants in the house. ahaha!
the main place we have our activities
eating the boat! I am the PEARL!!!
(if you watch Pirates of the Caribbean then u'll know)

a view outside our apartment.
Our company's poster. Well, we sort of do it the night before camp until 2am. LO!L!! The side torn off a bit.. :p
nerdy me!

The camp was on 16 to 19 August. I participated in the Crafty Works workshop and Public Speaking workshop. I did some good stuff in the craft works workshop. THe photos are in my camera.
ANd we went to Adventure park. Which..was quite a dissapointed. Cause it was not as adventurous as i thought it would be. We did high ropes, flying fox, rock climbing and bungee jumping. It was ok i guessed...
Evangelistic night
At ONEBorneo, the largest shopping mall on Borneo Island!

another last view on the beach

After the camp, we went to Warisan Square for shopping!!! (again. But i'll never get enough of it)
BIG BIG MONKEY!!!!! (monkeyman will love this)
I spent less than RM100 and i am so proud of myself...that's less than half of my budget. Then off we go back to Miri...
(wait up for another post on kk trip with my camera photos)

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凯琪 said...

ya meh.. I took pic with that big bear by hugging it leh.. haha Don't even saw the sign..hahaaha....