Friday, September 05, 2008

Mad on Fish Spa

(Hey...why kennysia go fish spa at the same time... make me have nothing to write only...)

My First Intention at the Singapore Flyer: To have a ride on the Flyer la of course!
But my first activity at the Flyer: GO FISH SPA!!!!!!!
WOOHOOO!!! I must admit, i never liked spa before but this fish spa make me go high...
The name's Kento Fish Spa. With many outlets in Singapore and KL. I went to the one at the Singapore Flyer. It was so so cool!!!!
Paying SGD28, you can be BITEN FOR 30 Minutes! Isn't that just...great? Biten by fishes... This fishes are the special kinds from Turki. Their special diet make them unique. It can cure Hong Kong leg, minor scars, remove dead skin and just relieve stress...
I mean DUH!!! Why doesn't it relieve stress? It was so so geli when i first put my leg dog. You will feel like..shocked like billions and billions of hands tickling your legs and...I just don't know how to describe. But you can imagine the feeling when a macho man sitting by you side practically screams his throat off when he puts his leg in..=.="
So there it is. FISH SPA! which i really hope i can go again..
Miri faster open outlet la...i go open eh? haha!
really fun..


凯琪 said...

Wah.. Fish spa o... Shuang o..haha...:p

gautam said...

the concept looks really interesting!!

gautam said...

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