Thursday, September 18, 2008

Signature and me

Signatures of people changes from time to time. It somehows show the personality of oneself. I can't even understand my own cause it's just a simple scribble which people dont know how to scribble it..
I wont show it here, but i can tell you my signature is simply very very big. Cause i will usually use up all the space provided for signature.
One of my teacher saw my signature today, and she said many things about me only through looking at my signature.

Well she said, I am stubborn (agree) and i don't look back, always looking forward (agree either for my happy-go-lucky personality) . And she also said i am really unpredictable. That means even though i may be really close to anyone, i may still keep a lot inside myself. Erm, very true. I dont get use to like telling little secrets like that to anyone..Even to my best friend whom i knew for so many years. I just like to keep in and maybe sometimes, monolog dalaman, and that's it.

I feel that telling too much may either affect myself or others. But don't worry, i wont be too emo anyhow. The most is crying, then that ends all of it.

So, all i can say is, maybe i am an ice berg. (FYI, the big chunk of ice floating on the sea at the north and south poles..)

Why ice berg?!
Because you can only saw a little part of me on the surface, you will never know how big izit under the water.

Wanna know more about me?
Happy underwater-exploring!!! (just make sure you can swim)

p/s: Maybe i am like those children in "The Golden Compass" without a fixed "demon" yet. :)
pp/s: But global warming is happening!!! Save the Earth!!! Save the Ice Bergs!!!!

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Sharleen said...

ahahahahaha. Then tell me all ur secrets la? I am suppose to be the closest person oh..izit mommy? LOL. hmp..happy go lucky person..ok la. =P. I am a spoiler here? Nvm. Hehehehe. Dont need to be emo..Just do it! Dont get too much emo influence from me..i am too emo. LOL. =P My signature also simple..but small. So what does that mean?