Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thank you too.

The concert appreciation dinner had finally ended (after so many times being postponed..)
A relieved sigh was let out finally either.

I was actually quite sad just now as i see the stuffs are totally chaotic.
Well, for me at least, it was really unacceptable.
The people are just out of control. And i shouted so much yet no used. Really felt like crying but nothing to be cried out, so i just smiled instead until i couldn't stand. The angry and dissapointed faces, they just freaks me out.
(I even thought that i have dissapointed you, Bevee, if you are reading this..)

Until just now, i receive a few messages.The first one was from an unknown sender. It really lifted me up. With warm appreciation of what we did the whole night. For what we ran around about and skipping a dinner, it suddenly feels like, "it's no big deal."...At least, someone appreciates what we did, even though it was...

I'm going to continue this warm msg to others... :)


~界豪^^ said...

same as u.. i am quite angry and sad juz now.. really out of control.. why dun those ppl beratur and take the food or drinks? really no manners!!! tat time i really wan to scold those ppl, but i am juz a small person.. lolz.. sienzzz..

Bevee said...

What is it all about?

My mouse was umm DEAD, thank god.

PS. Its okay, you never disappoint me!

Christine said...

Kit how: It's ok now. We will just have to learn.

Bevee: WHat mouse?! Oh, we are all ok now. Need a little more adjustment next time. And, cheer up bevee, for whatever it is. It's time to study o!! Jia you!!!!!