Friday, September 12, 2008

What's wrong with her?

I just went to my friendster account after for ages not being there. Reading through the comments and friends was still ok, until i viewed the Chung Hua's Group forum board.

It was so upseting!
I mean SHE is my AJK Muda in Orientation this year. SHE was really friendly and was willing to do any work that we ask her to do. My very own group junior..yet now, she is going against us.

I know SHE hates prefects, but why? Did anyone do anything unreasonable towards her? What makes her so furious? If someone really did, why doesn't she just tell me? Then perhaps, just perhaps i could help her.
She hated us. And even started a vote on the worst prefect. Totally heartbreaking.

But then i saw the replies, it was so touching. I mean for the people who actually defended us. It was so different from last year! Last year, when the prefect boards are installed, i was reading the forum too. Only 1 guy defended them and the rest are mocking them. but this year, it is different, those defending are more than those mocking.. Thanks guys!

I know we are not really good yet. But i hope you can also see that we are trying very hard everyday to learn new things.
I hope SHE understands us soon.

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