Friday, October 31, 2008

The most KIASU dept!

omg..what to touched. (despite some stupid case that happened)
Reception department...
Just so hardworking..
Thank you guys..that 13 hours of working?? I really appreciate it. Thank you thank you...:)
JIA YOU TOMORROW!!! Everything must be smooth!! :)

p/s: I guess we have the "singapore" spirit. Gong zhuo kuang, must keep working..can not stop. Until no need to eat..lols...Having dinner at 8pm++ Really touched until wanna cry..haha. Yet, another sweet memory created.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

KevJumba Rules!-YouTube top subscriber!

Omg....for the last few days, i've been so so addicted to KevJumba. I guess most of you out there dont know who this weird-sounded name guy is anyway. He is the YouTube top subscriber comedian. (O.O) Yes, the YOUTUBE top subscriber comedian with videos watched by thousands and thousands of people out there.

Why am i addicted to his videos anyway? Not because of his looks (actually he looks not bad haha), but his videos content. It isn't rubbish stuff, but more like, an "educational" video but in a fun way. As he is an ABC (American Born Chinese) who is also a teenage, i guess he understands most of us teenagers out here. PLUS, his english is quite good too. Haha.

Here's one of the video: Stupid questions (one of my great laughs)

And here's the famous Girls are Like M&Ms

"Horny Sex Addicts on YouTube" ehem ehem, just watch then you'll understand.

Instead of hiao hiao stuffs, his videos really have moral values. Just spend sometime on it, you'll find it funny and meaningful. What a crazy guy...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dead duck(Lame version)

Sunday Sunday...

A great THANK YOU to stockname who is kind enough to post about me on his blog. :)

Since 1 month ago or more, i have been huffing and puffing around literally everyday, 24 7 about my studies. Bear in mind, the final exam is a REALLY BIG DEAL to most of the Form 4 in my school determines which class we are going to be into next year. Screw it and see you in the next class.

But after the exam, everything seems to slow down. No tuition, no books, no writing essays, no nothing...Just a day of : Waking up at 10am, turn to the laptop, reading blogs and surfing around. A little peek on the telly is also good enough, i mean, being a couch potato.

I cut my hair 2 days ago. It wasn't a really big deal but some of my friends seems to make a big fuss out of it. It wasn't really any thing difference, just a bit shorter and that's it.

I just remember i need to start my "CHINESE NEW YEAR CLOTHES HUNT" soon. Any place to recommend?

Edit: OM^&^#$&!!!! I've been reading so many blogs today . @.@(Eyes popping out) 60 or 70 plus. lols. But i didnt leave any msg la, guys didnt know i was there! haha!!! as usual. :) But buddies, your blogs are really enjoyable and nice.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Miss Astro 2008 IS OUT!!!!

After the year of Rachael, I never watch Miss Astro again. Haha, mostly because of...(aiks, not what i expected la.)
Until this year, what an coincidence, i turn to Wah Loi toi and watch it again!!!!!

(This photo looks really weird.)

To be honest, i really don't understand why some of them even get into the 10 finalist. But at least, the 5 finalist are really really good though!!!!

This is Kelly. She has great confidence and she's really smart too. Intelligent and appearance all in one. :)

This is Carine. She is the most voted in SMS competition. She has one big and one small eyes. Erm...let's just say she has lots of friends.
This is LiNaa. OMG!!! SHE IS SO SO SO SO CUTE OK!!!! She looks the best in cheongsam.
I TOTALLY SUPPORT HER!This is Queen. I don't really know her but i expected her to be in the finalist because...She is pretty.This is Lynn. I know she looks pretty here, but in the show, she looks a bit like mixture of Chinese and Bumiputera. She is very cute and i totally expected her to be in the Top 3.

They were chosen then here comes the answering question part. Normally the girls will give what OH SO MULIA answers la. But i guess in Malaysia...we have our standards of our own. I like Kelly's answer most. Others are like...erm... LiNaa keep on repeating the same thing only...


5. Queen

DEngdeng!! There you have it, this year's Miss Astro - Kelly!!!!!
(Not bad, expected as she answered really good)

Congratulations and good luck in the international!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Secret Recipe Miri - Sigh

A total disappointment.

The first time i went to THE oh-so-famous Secret Recipe was in Singapore. I heard lots of goof comments of it and decided to tried it. It turns out to be just perfect! Great service, great environment, great food. My..I never been to such perfect restaurant before.

Now in Miri, out of my PURE EXCITEMENT, a restaurant which i think is perfect is finally opened in my hometown. :)
I went to tried it with my family today.


the ordering part. "I want the caramel."my brother said while pointing on their menu "Sorry, we don't have caramel." Fine, he thought. "I want a XXX pasta." Sharon said. "Sorry, we don't hav that." After tonnes of, sorry we dont have this sorry we dont have that, finally, we finished our orders. Phew, what are they doing?!


The food. I got my lasagna on time. But the taste...omg..the taste...Last time in singapore, it taste just like the best lasagna i ever tried before. This one, taste SOUR! SOUR OK!!!!??? Did they add lots of vinegar in it????? And Sharon's bolognesse.. I think they added whole bottle of blackpepper. =.="


my brother's lamb shank did came after 30 minutes. Sigh. We asked the waiter then she said, sorry, we send it to the wrong table. ARGH!! WHAT!!!!!


We ate, especially my brother, filled with total anger, as he was like pinpoint whole night for not getting whatever he asked for. And he ask for the feedback form..We even make joke that they will give us some A4 paper and that's it.
guess what we got???
DRAFT PAPERS!! !OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some old receipts from what Part's enterprise...that's a feedback form from Secret Recipe? THat's how the customers mean to them?! And their comments? NO MORE THAN A FEW PIECES OF USELESS PAPER THAT CAN BE THROWN INTO THE RUBBISH BIN STRAIGHT AWAY!! HUH!!! Are we that unvaluable to you?? Where's the "customer's always right"?

WAIT!!! NOT DONE YET!!!!!!!!

I finally finished my sour lasagna. It was sucha suffering. The waiter came to clean our table. He pick up my plate in front of me and then ,"PIANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" OM %$#@!@#!!! TUUUT!!!!! He dropped the plate =.=" omg.... Luckily it didnt break, or MORE FORTUNATELY FOR ME: He didnt drop it on my head.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAI AIA IA!!!! WAIT! (This complaint never ends)


11.50 got charged for that kind of service??

This is a total failure and dissapointment.
PLus, when we are suppose to queque up for our tables, they just let some girls march in by themselves and take their own seats which is supposed to be reserved tables for others.

I doubt i will ever go to Secret Recipet Miri again. :(

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Up next?

So, exam ended. What's next?

1. I am not so sure either. I went to school today, didn't really do anything because all the teachers are marking our papers. Omg, i dont dare to think about it.

2. The reception dept. is preparing for the Annual Prize Giving Ceremony. The ceremony this year is really frightening, WHOLE DAY OK!!!! from 7 till 4 like that....So many people, so many awards, we are going to be so so B-U-S-Y.

3. School Magazine. This year's magazine is still empty. Working on it, starting TOMORROW!!!! morning till evening. Hehehehehe...I hope it's going to be GREAT cause we are given so many spaces to do whatever we like on it. :)

4. Continue thinking on my money-making business. (2 million before 26! hmm..any ideas?? I got 10 years!)

5. I want to join church choir!!!!!! :D

6. After one year, SPM will be here. (Any study plans yet??) OMG

Plus, JIA YOU FORM 3 students for you orientation program 2009!!!!! Oh ya, for anyone who will become the secretary, all i have to say is, GOOD LUCK AND WORK HARD!!!! (MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Who is Christine Wong

This is me.Some call me nerd.a doodle of myself

While others call me weird. (hey, that rhythms!) A weird girl who has a really really weird mind. (Even i can't make out what my mind really thinks sometimes.)pretending i am a pineapple

acting mad

My name is Christine Wong, but people normally call me Christine or with my Chinese name, Siaw Wei (yes, exactly the same as that stupid song.)i believe i can fly

I am an underage blogger (so what!?). 15 going on 16 this year. From Miri, which a little town which you couldn't possibly bother much or even notice before this on the country map.
softball in action!

I blog mostly about my daily life, which i make a lot of lame stuffs
a fan of stabilo pens
and sometimes crazy too.

Currently, i have been blogging for about one year. My starting point of blogging? I have been blogging occasionally before this in various blogs like wordpress and friendsters but i decided to land on blogspot because i had so much to share about!

Before this my english was like #@#$!Y&%#!!!!! (that reminds me, i dont curse!) Now, erm, i guessed it improved. But still, forgive me if i had grammar or spelling mistake in my posts."AAA DEVIL!!!"
i blog with photographs. I love to take photos. Whenever i had my camera or phone on my hand, i will definitely take a shot, not, shots.Sunset in Sibu

People thought i am mad because i took so many....unnecessary photos,"WHAT ON EARTH IS SHE DOING??!!! Never see biscuits before meh!?"(that's an example)goh yie, shocked.

pretending i am a papaya tree

the slipper i made which newspaper. step-by-step DIY instructions included.


This blog can be just about anything. Ranging from cooking recipes,
making apple pie

travelling trips, special functions to just about a little ant from next door. Oh ya, i forgot. I love stalking on people. So beware and try to escape from my camera, because for sure, you're going to get famous. HAHA!
china guys sleeping

"dad" - whye chien in pyjamas? (concert 2008)

I can be quite adventurous. Tried travelling alone to Singapore before. HEHEH!!!
east coast singapore
A bunch of great people which i have only known for minutes before we went to another small island (Pulau Ubin, Singapore) and had such an adventure in the "wild". Known for minutes but remember for the rest of my life.

In orchard road singapore

Fish spa! The first spa i ever tried before.

I blogged a lot about food too. All sorts of them. I dont eat much but i like to taste good food. :)

From Coffee Club

Conclusion: Mad, Nerdy, Adventurous and Unpredictable. (I can't list it all out. Follow my blog and u'll know thoroughly about me)

Well, i guess my blog title says it all.
Me, myself and I.

p/s: all those photos in this posts appeared in my previous posts. Try searching it and read about it. They are good reads.

My childhood memories..

It was like a long lost memory, the junk food which i used to eat when i was so so young then. The kindergarden time i think.

I guess most of you out there know about this too. Nyam nyam. Yes, this is what i use to chunk on that time. It was such a happy memory because i normally buy it from the Van Penjaja which came to my house. I would beg my mom so hard until i get it or else... I guess no one can stand me screaming and shouting whole day just for the sake of that NYAM NYAM.

I havent had it for such a long time. Don't know why i t disappear from the Van penjaja. Until i found it again last sunday!!!!!! THE ORIGINAL RICE CRISP AND CHOCOLATE NYAMNYAM!!!It is rice crisps and chocolate dip. Easy recipe but so original and tasty.

Take one dip in the chocolate and one dip in the rice crips. omg...that's so so sweet...


blogging business back on track!!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

This is what you call..

Poking yourself with a toy...
So lame. I exam until wanna crazy liao la. Yesterday 5 papers le, 7am till 5pm, really crazy... today physic some more. Next week got 3 days again.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Last one to go!

Year-end Final Exam is here!!!


I'll have to continue nerding..


Friday, October 03, 2008

Damai Puri, Kuching

I went to the newly established Damai Puri Resort in Kuching on my kuching trip :)
inside room
sea view. Nice le!!!! i went swimming in the sea also hahahaha
children pool
went swimming(In adult pool of course)
Also went kayaking for only RM25 per hour. it was very funny because when we "peng" boat (Fall off the boat) i could actually stand on my feet, even when we are very far away from the coast. Hahahahaha....And we still kayak when a child could actually stand beside us in the sea. (means the water is only knee length)
My skin tone got darker again...but it was a really really great experience.
Conclusion: Relaxing~

Singing Competition

Don't be silly, of course it's not me. I don't sing. :)

Receptionist Department, which most of you guys out there think we are vases, WHICH We ARE NOT!!! And i am going to proof to you here.

This is us on Saturday night. THE SATURDAY NIGHT ON HOLIDAY!
We wore our uniforms, smartly and went to Boulevard. not for shopping, but To Work and To Serve the school. The only prefectorial board department that works that night, until 11.30 pm. So hardworking. This proves that we are not only for "VIEWING" (as you thought we are) but we can work too, (sometimes more than anyone do.) Just that not much people see our works because we work backstage.
So, please, WE ARE NOT VASES! :)

Fooling around photos (when we are eng):

me and jess

crazy haha

hey, we deserve that.

and more.

I love Reception Department. HAHA!

Senior Prefects Appreciation Dinner 08

This was last friday. was a very funny memory of our senior prefects, i mean the last time they are officially our seniors. :) (But they are always my seniors whenever it is)

Yes, thanks to the hotel people, we had a good night of Prefectoria Board Dinner

60 Da shou!

(the first photo of all girls AHPs oo)
Kurt and Ivy's dance
Ms.Tiong singing!!!!!!! without music!

(You're my sunshine, my only sunshine)
Mr Phang's singing!!!!!!!!
Kim, Me and Winnie

Waseh... Business Woman And 60 Da shou guy. so geng!
Violence la. We 2 are the more Dai Ka Je that nigh bah. Like samseng like that
Sweet Memories :)
Trying to act angry but still smile.. hahahahahah
Jacky and me

choon yen mama and me
sexy girls oo. Guess who??
2, no, 3 nerds together!
See Mr phang and ms tiong's request??? So geng!! Click and zoom to seee. You'll be surprise by all of it.
Kim andme after the dinner

chung ong exhausterd... -.-"
One last THANK YOU to our seniors before having your exams.
Good Luck!