Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Who is Christine Wong

This is me.Some call me nerd.a doodle of myself

While others call me weird. (hey, that rhythms!) A weird girl who has a really really weird mind. (Even i can't make out what my mind really thinks sometimes.)pretending i am a pineapple

acting mad

My name is Christine Wong, but people normally call me Christine or with my Chinese name, Siaw Wei (yes, exactly the same as that stupid song.)i believe i can fly

I am an underage blogger (so what!?). 15 going on 16 this year. From Miri, which a little town which you couldn't possibly bother much or even notice before this on the country map.
softball in action!

I blog mostly about my daily life, which i make a lot of lame stuffs
a fan of stabilo pens
and sometimes crazy too.

Currently, i have been blogging for about one year. My starting point of blogging? I have been blogging occasionally before this in various blogs like wordpress and friendsters but i decided to land on blogspot because i had so much to share about!

Before this my english was like #@#$!Y&%#!!!!! (that reminds me, i dont curse!) Now, erm, i guessed it improved. But still, forgive me if i had grammar or spelling mistake in my posts."AAA DEVIL!!!"
i blog with photographs. I love to take photos. Whenever i had my camera or phone on my hand, i will definitely take a shot, not, shots.Sunset in Sibu

People thought i am mad because i took so many....unnecessary photos,"WHAT ON EARTH IS SHE DOING??!!! Never see biscuits before meh!?"(that's an example)goh yie, shocked.

pretending i am a papaya tree

the slipper i made which newspaper. step-by-step DIY instructions included.


This blog can be just about anything. Ranging from cooking recipes,
making apple pie

travelling trips, special functions to just about a little ant from next door. Oh ya, i forgot. I love stalking on people. So beware and try to escape from my camera, because for sure, you're going to get famous. HAHA!
china guys sleeping

"dad" - whye chien in pyjamas? (concert 2008)

I can be quite adventurous. Tried travelling alone to Singapore before. HEHEH!!!
east coast singapore
A bunch of great people which i have only known for minutes before we went to another small island (Pulau Ubin, Singapore) and had such an adventure in the "wild". Known for minutes but remember for the rest of my life.

In orchard road singapore

Fish spa! The first spa i ever tried before.

I blogged a lot about food too. All sorts of them. I dont eat much but i like to taste good food. :)

From Coffee Club

Conclusion: Mad, Nerdy, Adventurous and Unpredictable. (I can't list it all out. Follow my blog and u'll know thoroughly about me)

Well, i guess my blog title says it all.
Me, myself and I.

p/s: all those photos in this posts appeared in my previous posts. Try searching it and read about it. They are good reads.

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