Tuesday, October 28, 2008

KevJumba Rules!-YouTube top subscriber!

Omg....for the last few days, i've been so so addicted to KevJumba. I guess most of you out there dont know who this weird-sounded name guy is anyway. He is the YouTube top subscriber comedian. (O.O) Yes, the YOUTUBE top subscriber comedian with videos watched by thousands and thousands of people out there.

Why am i addicted to his videos anyway? Not because of his looks (actually he looks not bad haha), but his videos content. It isn't rubbish stuff, but more like, an "educational" video but in a fun way. As he is an ABC (American Born Chinese) who is also a teenage, i guess he understands most of us teenagers out here. PLUS, his english is quite good too. Haha.

Here's one of the video: Stupid questions (one of my great laughs)

And here's the famous Girls are Like M&Ms

"Horny Sex Addicts on YouTube" ehem ehem, just watch then you'll understand.

Instead of hiao hiao stuffs, his videos really have moral values. Just spend sometime on it, you'll find it funny and meaningful. What a crazy guy...

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