Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My childhood memories..

It was like a long lost memory, the junk food which i used to eat when i was so so young then. The kindergarden time i think.

I guess most of you out there know about this too. Nyam nyam. Yes, this is what i use to chunk on that time. It was such a happy memory because i normally buy it from the Van Penjaja which came to my house. I would beg my mom so hard until i get it or else... I guess no one can stand me screaming and shouting whole day just for the sake of that NYAM NYAM.

I havent had it for such a long time. Don't know why i t disappear from the Van penjaja. Until i found it again last sunday!!!!!! THE ORIGINAL RICE CRISP AND CHOCOLATE NYAMNYAM!!!It is rice crisps and chocolate dip. Easy recipe but so original and tasty.

Take one dip in the chocolate and one dip in the rice crips. omg...that's so so sweet...

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♥:.EVAmaechu.:♥ said...

sedap!! but hard to cari nowadays....