Friday, October 03, 2008

Senior Prefects Appreciation Dinner 08

This was last friday. was a very funny memory of our senior prefects, i mean the last time they are officially our seniors. :) (But they are always my seniors whenever it is)

Yes, thanks to the hotel people, we had a good night of Prefectoria Board Dinner

60 Da shou!

(the first photo of all girls AHPs oo)
Kurt and Ivy's dance
Ms.Tiong singing!!!!!!! without music!

(You're my sunshine, my only sunshine)
Mr Phang's singing!!!!!!!!
Kim, Me and Winnie

Waseh... Business Woman And 60 Da shou guy. so geng!
Violence la. We 2 are the more Dai Ka Je that nigh bah. Like samseng like that
Sweet Memories :)
Trying to act angry but still smile.. hahahahahah
Jacky and me

choon yen mama and me
sexy girls oo. Guess who??
2, no, 3 nerds together!
See Mr phang and ms tiong's request??? So geng!! Click and zoom to seee. You'll be surprise by all of it.
Kim andme after the dinner

chung ong exhausterd... -.-"
One last THANK YOU to our seniors before having your exams.
Good Luck!

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