Friday, October 03, 2008

Singing Competition

Don't be silly, of course it's not me. I don't sing. :)

Receptionist Department, which most of you guys out there think we are vases, WHICH We ARE NOT!!! And i am going to proof to you here.

This is us on Saturday night. THE SATURDAY NIGHT ON HOLIDAY!
We wore our uniforms, smartly and went to Boulevard. not for shopping, but To Work and To Serve the school. The only prefectorial board department that works that night, until 11.30 pm. So hardworking. This proves that we are not only for "VIEWING" (as you thought we are) but we can work too, (sometimes more than anyone do.) Just that not much people see our works because we work backstage.
So, please, WE ARE NOT VASES! :)

Fooling around photos (when we are eng):

me and jess

crazy haha

hey, we deserve that.

and more.

I love Reception Department. HAHA!

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Choon said...

Okay I hate the others to say that we're Vases too!! Haha. Jia You. :)