Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Sunday...

A great THANK YOU to stockname who is kind enough to post about me on his blog. :)

Since 1 month ago or more, i have been huffing and puffing around literally everyday, 24 7 about my studies. Bear in mind, the final exam is a REALLY BIG DEAL to most of the Form 4 in my school determines which class we are going to be into next year. Screw it and see you in the next class.

But after the exam, everything seems to slow down. No tuition, no books, no writing essays, no nothing...Just a day of : Waking up at 10am, turn to the laptop, reading blogs and surfing around. A little peek on the telly is also good enough, i mean, being a couch potato.

I cut my hair 2 days ago. It wasn't a really big deal but some of my friends seems to make a big fuss out of it. It wasn't really any thing difference, just a bit shorter and that's it.

I just remember i need to start my "CHINESE NEW YEAR CLOTHES HUNT" soon. Any place to recommend?

Edit: OM^&^#$&!!!! I've been reading so many blogs today . @.@(Eyes popping out) 60 or 70 plus. lols. But i didnt leave any msg la, guys didnt know i was there! haha!!! as usual. :) But buddies, your blogs are really enjoyable and nice.

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