Thursday, October 23, 2008

Up next?

So, exam ended. What's next?

1. I am not so sure either. I went to school today, didn't really do anything because all the teachers are marking our papers. Omg, i dont dare to think about it.

2. The reception dept. is preparing for the Annual Prize Giving Ceremony. The ceremony this year is really frightening, WHOLE DAY OK!!!! from 7 till 4 like that....So many people, so many awards, we are going to be so so B-U-S-Y.

3. School Magazine. This year's magazine is still empty. Working on it, starting TOMORROW!!!! morning till evening. Hehehehehe...I hope it's going to be GREAT cause we are given so many spaces to do whatever we like on it. :)

4. Continue thinking on my money-making business. (2 million before 26! hmm..any ideas?? I got 10 years!)

5. I want to join church choir!!!!!! :D

6. After one year, SPM will be here. (Any study plans yet??) OMG

Plus, JIA YOU FORM 3 students for you orientation program 2009!!!!! Oh ya, for anyone who will become the secretary, all i have to say is, GOOD LUCK AND WORK HARD!!!! (MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

1 comment:

MakePromise said...

uiyo, dun dare open ur testpaper ar, then i can throw mine away lo, no nid c if CHRISTINE oso dun dare to open test paper....haha XD