Wednesday, November 12, 2008

CH Prefect Camp 08!

United we stand, divided we fall!!!! That's the theme we had this year. It finally ended was totally much more than what i expected. :D Very happy, tired and interesting...

Day 1~
My my..i actually brought 5 BIG BLOODY bags to the camp..with pillows and pails. We gathered at the hall with many many bags and mattereses around us. Hoping that our dept may be send to the same room. But, i didnt. I was separated with most of them left wen yi and ga li. I was in Group 9-KAMIKAZE(killer plane). What a weird name for a group...Teamates are Siaw Jing, Jemimah, Jacky, Ying Ying, Hui Yi, Alyssa, Jeremy, Yang Yang, Raymond and Penny. Not the usual bunch of people i socialize too either. Guess, it's time to meet new friends. :)
oh ya, and "starvation" occured. Luckily i was one of the first few who arrived for dinner.

Day 2~
After the 2 talks last night by Mr Halim and Curtin Lecturer (ms tiong's friend), i had a hard time waking up..LUCKILY I WASNT SCARED BY THE DRUMs that wake us up this morning..which actually was very frightening because i woke up just before they started!! HEHE!!!!! The morning jog around and singing after that made me woke up but was doozing off again during ms tiong's and mr lucas' talk. His game on the stick was indeed very challenging. Next is
We combined with MARSHMALLOWS :D!!!! Our route: School->Beach->South School->Suncity->Bumiko stairs and we didnt finished the game.. :p
We had to walk for such a far distance and everyone was very tired and all that...but we still manage to stuck together and walk till sunset. Hehe...We have to play all sorts of disgusting stuff and many of them spilt on me..lols..

things that spilled on me:
1. Coffee+some disgusting stuff
2. Flour
3. paint on my face

And i stink badly that afternoon.
We walk until our feet sore, especially Jacky who walk bare feet and his legs blisters..lols...Tired, but definitely helps in uniting our group...

We went to Canada Hill!!!!!! Climb from Hill 3 to Hill 6. :D And we combined with MARSHMALLOWS again!!! Yippeeee..haha..Joshua, guy from Pertahanan Awam worked with Yi Lai to lead us through the "DANGEROUS" hill..Many of the prefects are first time climber..So we walked quite slowly but very happy indeed cause can chat with friends in the jungle is absolutely happy happy stuff to do even thought they were lots of MOSQUITOES. (I brought Insect Repellent which save my legs and also Ida's haha)
And...I saw of of BOYS who turned into GENTLEMEN. They are all so sweet to help us through the whole routes preventing us from falling and all that. beh song....
Had our lunch at the hill top. And some of us have a nap behind the museum on the green green was so nice..
I was called Xiao Xiao in the hill because we are not suppose to call anyone's name or shout in the jungle. Example of other names called: Xiao Wen, Xiao Chi, Xiao Tien, Xiao Yii, Er Lai, Xiao Lin, Men Jai, Xiao Ke..... But we gave up and called the names directly at the end.

Day 4~
Esplanade Beach!!! I wore shorts today even though it was so very hot because definitely we are playing water..Become black again? Guan ta de, huo chu qu le, must play until very very high because we dont have much chance to play like this... :D This time we combine with Gonzo who was a bit ke lian because we have 9 people in our teams but they only have 5 people..So some of us break up and help them instead..
We made a wall which all of us can stand inside at first. Writing big SOS. And BAKE was a bit hard to start the fire because the the wind was so so rough..And when the fire finally started, it was a bit out of controlled and the whole potato turned black.. Choon Man even have a try on it which is very very very disgusting and dangerous..We saw a helicopter flew over us. The pilots must have thought what happened down there, so many "SOS" signs on the beach..haha
Then we played station games, it was SO SO AMUSING...rolling on the sands, building castles, catching baby crabs (I'm good at it..haha), playing mini games..Most of us played until crazy..i didnt cared much about how messy i looked either (hairs sticking up on one side, whole body covered in sand)
When the boys removed their shirst after the games, OMG, they are like BBQ porks..lols..the parts which are not covered with clothes turned really red....I was not where better either, turned so black.. :S Oh ya, and the sensitive issue - COUPLING it's like honeymoon for them..lols...walking on the beach watching sunset together..romanticnya..
TIRING but NOT YET FINISH...we had our dinner at the beach in total darkness... :p after going back to the school, we had to practice for the talent show again. It was really silly, funny and we ran out of idea of what to do actually so we simply sang a song with hand sign languages...Practice unil 11.40pm, can not tahan, keep our fingers crossed and eyes closed..

Day 5~ Last day........
I guess the talk by Mdm Voon was suppose to be very interesting. My eyes are wide opened by my brain is already sleeping. After the talk, i straight away collapsed in the hall floor and sleep until the closing ceremony starts.....My roomates asked me how i went back to the room last night, i was thinking so hard and said," I walk from the hall, walk walk half until in the middle of the basketball court...and then..then....."I can't remember anything at all, i guess i was sleep walking after that and i totally lost my memory about what happened after the basketball court..Wenyi said i also talked to her a while before i sleep..Sleep talking i guesss...LOLS!!
Surprisingly, our group got 3rd in the talent show!!!!! Didnt even expect to get anything at all at first, so so happy...
Last part: "can't you not backstab me?" is telling the truth. We can say anything we like, good or bad, anything at all. Many thanked, many complained and some cried. I just felt plain. Dont know why, of course i miss everything so much, but, i just couldn't cry. Not my softspot i guess. Fiona finally said something which she really wanted to say..And many said about Unity of Prefectorial Board.

Went back home at 7 something i guess....
This is a very meaningful camp for me and it definitely helped in our unity. It can fbe elt already, especially during the morning assembly on Monday. And, i've met so many new friends and changed my view about so many people. Good job and thank you very much Camp Committees!!

United we stand, divided we fall! :D

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