Saturday, November 01, 2008

Chung Hua Prize Giving Ceremony

Puan Zakinah's cheesecake -YUM!!!
The trophies
the new generation of superstars
monkeyman, jess and elfreda

This post is fully dedicated to those who had worked so hard for the Prize Giving ceremony!!!!

Phew....the biggest ceremony of the year for us - Prize Giving Ceremony, is finally over!!! WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!
Working the whole day today..everything went quite smooth. Oh ya, the teachers who helped us..omg..they are really sweet and nice. They like to talk to us and mae us happy. Help us whenever we need them. They handle all those sticky problems which we dont even know what they are....Woah...
Then our receptionists. My dept, didnt really be with you guys during the busy times..sigh..But i still enjoy working with the 20 "receptionist" who volunteered to help out. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH, you guys are really one very efficient bunch.
..and the juniors? Thank you too!(very cooperative) but remember, this is only the beginning for you guys. Haha...

my...I'm so sorry i had to say, whenever i get nervous or busy, i will simply say stuff so if i make any of you angry, sorry sorry. But working with you guys are really an enjoyment, not suffering. 2nd day already, work from day till night, still, :D. Our only chance to make this big function, i am so happy to announce that..
(even the pengarah say we are one professional bunch of receptionist..lols)
Don't feel too bad for those little mistakes, just take it as a chance to learn. Finally, lots of hugs and kisses and thank yous....A sweet memory for all of us.
Thank you choon man, joanne, jai seng, lii ming and form 6 seniors for helping us "cleaning" up the food, plates and dishes till sunset. :)
KH room crew.
I guess you guys had really worked very hard. Cooking the whole day. Washing the plates and dishes. Thanks. btw, the food are reallydelicious and you guys are really scary when you get angry. AHAHAHAA....
Thank you to the prefects who had worked so hard trying to help out!
Thank you to the performers for your great performances!!! you guys are so xin ku and have to stand under the sun for one hour plus..oh my my..and also the dancers!
Lastly, THANK YOU! to anyone who think he/she deserves it and had worked hard trying to make this whole ceremony smooth....


...Janice... said...

any pics? picspicspics

...Janice... said...

congratulations! overall most outstanding award recipient..*jengjengjengjeng*..Christine Wong Xiao Wei!!! :D

did i get the award name right?

Christine said...

yes you got it right...but how you know!!!?? 8o

...Janice... said...

ur name's in the papers! haha..but the pic is group pic of duno-wad-award recipients..blur gok..ish.