Friday, November 21, 2008

My 2008 Vacation starts!

Transit at Kuching yesterday...Didnt do anything except visiting my aunts and disturbing my cousins..hehe

Finally, through TigerAirways, a budget singapore airline, we came to singapore from kuching and with CHEAP TICKETS!!! haha...really cheap, this service only starts since yesterday so we are boarding it only on the second day of the service..good good, not bad. ok, maybe a slightly little bit better than Airasia..oops.. i'll talk about that later..

I have a new experience this time, staying in Chinatown, which i never tried before. I want to find a new dress for the prom coming..not sure if i can find anything week, i'm going straight to KL!! Woohoo..havent been there since 3 or 4 years ago..that's a long long time...a lot must have changed, i want to try their new shopping malls too and go Petaling Street and of course, go Genting. Waa...

But, for now, i'll just continue enjoy my singapore trip. Arrived at night, so no photo currently. Tomorrow will be an adventure! :D

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Faye said...

Hi Bunny!
Just realized that your phone's like my sis! ^-^