Monday, November 03, 2008

The return of THE SHOYUEMI


omg.....zhuo mong ye mei xiang guo !!!
The whole MOUNTAIN of shoyue mi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hello guys, it's shoyuemi, THE SHO YUE MI!!!!!!!
the one i once kissed, hugged and never let go...

but wait...I only saw the Original and Spicy (YUM! My favouritee!) before...what's those black, white, yellow packets there????

spring onion?
and...*gasp* BLACK PEPPER!!!???
(fyi, i'm mad of black pepper)

OMG! I practically screamed and hopped around when i got the msg from Mr.Lim that asked me to have a try on their new products...
Yes, SHOYUEMI, THE ONE WE(my buds and me) ARE SO MAD ABOUT is introducing their newest products!!!! Prawn, Blackpepper and Spring onion..guess you can see how surprise i was when i saw the whole box of shoyue mi.

Then..i did something really dumb....Being OVEREXCITED, i literally went mad and opened every packet of the crackers(ok, i am exaggerating).

Tasting time!!! Extremely-picky-food-critic mode turned on.
(wait, that's a detective mode expression...=.=")

we had about 30 food critics joining us today.
(lols, actually they are my classmates and magazine editors..)

Here we have, 3 specimens of the day...
(suspiciously, despite the economic problem people faced nowadays, 2 of these crackers still grown "wider")
Being a picky food critic, these specimens are going to be tested on their appearance, taste, popularity test and rating.

And here is my report:

Spring Onion CHIPS!
Observation - Golden-yellowish colour, a more wider that normal sho yue mi crackers

Taste - the bigger type of chips gives it TOTAL CRUNCHINESS (omg *drool*), with a taste of onion, a little bit sour and salty...hmmm...a totally new taste..VERY DELICIOUS!!!

Popularity test?
PASSED!!!! Finished within 15 minutes with countless of people snatching it.

4 out of 5 stars.
Recommended for those who had a loved for spices and of course, onion.

Appearance observation: Slightly slimmer(same as the previous type of original and spicy shoyue mi) but longer. Still that golden-yellowish colour which always bloody attracts me... O.O

Taste: Hmm..very heavy taste of prawn and of course, cruncy! :D

Popularity test: What more to say, THIS FLAVOUR definitely passed! Finished within 10 minutes with even more people trying to tear open the whole bag... =.="

Ratings: I'll give a 3 out of 5 (i am not a fan of prawn) but most of the "food critics" give it a 5 out of 5 (especially the prawn lovers). So, i guess it is obvious enough, RECOMMENDED FOR PRAWN LOVERS!!!!

Before tasting this one, give me a minute...

Appearance: CHIPS STYLE, broad, wide, with black pepper spots on...and little more brownish..shinny.. omg omg..let's just quit the staring at the chips and start tasting..

Taste: IT's LIKE HAVEN! why didn't anyone create this kind of chips earlier? Omg..this is so so nice!!!!! Black pepper!!!!!! AAAAA!!! Alittle spicy and a little sweet...aaaaa...i just can't stop screaming when eating this chip..

Popularity test: TOTALLLLY DEFINITELY ABSOLUTELY PASSED!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D (with lot of smiley faces)

Rating: 10 of out 5!!! AHAHAHAH!!!
omg...everyone must try..

SO there you have it! The 3 new products from the STILL VERY HEALTHY company of ShoYueMi!!!! Still cholesterol-free! Still marinated in Soy Sauce!!! YUMYUM!!!


p/s: I strongly recommend everyone to try, especially the black pepper one..lols..i am so bias.. btw, thank you for sponsoring the chips..this will be my snack supply for the next few weeks. Haha!! :D


LingDi said...

I saw shoyuemi at a local supermarket here in nilai and i tried it. it tasted really nice! and then few days ago, we saw the black pepper one. it's so addictive and really nice. ;)
btw, good to know that u received the shoyuemi! ;)

Faye said...

You make it sound so nice....*drooling*