Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shopping spree

On shopping spree current;y. been doing some SERIOUS shopping for the past few days in SG..i mean like shopping for 12 to 13 hours non stop!!! Keep on walking looking around shop shop shop..It's really shop till you drop thing i guess. Once i reached my room, without bathing or whatever, put down my bags and straight..boom..on the bed, still until the next day. Haha..So i didnt even have the chance to online..

Yesterday i finally reach KL. It has been such a long time..but...NOTHING MUCH CHANGEd. =.=" Same old KL..and back to the places with malay words...lols, didnt see malay words for a few days already. Haha. Stayed in my cousin's house which have totally fabulous interior design and great view. I mean can see Genting Highlands, KLCC, menara and almost the whole KL...super nice. :D

i went to midvalley just now..Erm...sort of a dissapointment lo. I'll talk about it when i have the time and i'll probably be doing a post on "SG & KL : BIG CITY, BIG DIFFERENCE!" I'll have so much stuff to talk about. Haha.
Didnt shop much. Going to KLCC tomorrow and Genting the next day...i'll try to find sometime online again. ANd @!@#$%^&!!!!!!!!!!! i left my charger in kuching! Now my phone is officially "dead"! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Have to find a sony ericson charger around here...

Going back maybe this weekend. Hehe. Then i'll post all my photos on..:D!!!


lynnx01 said...

KLCC? One week late. You missed Roger. LOL!

Christine said...


Faye said...

I think the 'roger' might refer to Roger Federer.
As in THE pro in Tennis?