Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sibu Methodist Came!!!

I forced myself so badly to get out of the bed this morning. Going back to school again but dont know why, after the camp, i started to enjoy going to school now, no more complaining and fussing anymore..:)

(Photo by Amy)
"High"-ing while listening to the singing by Terrence...lols...

The SMK Methodist from Sibu's prefects visited our school today. When we first introduce our departments, it was so funny because Ms Tiong make us introduced ourselves in English. It was so hard!!! (I mean i can write no problem but talking is an issue even though ive done public speaking) Many of us speak in BROKEN ENGLISH ( the methodist prefects must have laugh so hard when we started talking) Fiona and I also stupidly shouted the slogan we made up,"GIRL POWER!"

eating mee hun while watching performances

(This is Suzanne...she's the only one fit into my blazer...lols)

After touring around the school in total silent (SPM GOING ON!), they went to the hall to watch the performance. We all acted so high when Terrence was singing. Waving our hands together and jumping around like that..We also exchanged our blazers

(This is Shirley which many of our "hamsap" AHPs like)

They had their lunch and finally it's time to go back to sibu.....We followed them into their buses at the bus stop...Bye bye....

p/s: I had so much fun playing with the logistic's car thingy after that..makes me wonder what will happen if i go to logistic department..haha


~界豪^^ said...

arghh.. tat shirley memang good!!

...Janice... said... kithow one of the hamsap ahp? haha..

oh ya, i almost 4got tat in ch, we got this yr's magazine the next yr..hai i tot i can borrow fr u guys.. :(

nvm! i swim back to miri next me at tanjung beach lols

Debbie Gana said...

i know shirley.

AmozZz ~MyPromise~ said...

WAD THE HECK!!! I am not there to see and have all the fun with you guys.. T.T Just you wait Christine! I will go BACK!!! AHHH.. Feeling missed out right now!!! AHHHH!!!! *by the way, I love your blog. HAHA!!!

Christine said...

=.=" u guys see shirley all straight away leave comments ho..lols..

Thanks amos..come back la, i can contact her o..haha